Battle of the Northeastern Pumpkin Beers—See How Your Favorite Ranks!

19 Oct
OmNomCT Pumpkin Beer Tastings from the Northeast

It’s a tough job, but damn right we’re gonna do it!

Pumpkin season is apparently the new Christmas–it seems to start earlier and earlier every year (like August, gasp!?) and everyone counts down the days until it begins. While we were able to practice just enough self control to wait until the high temps dipped below 70, we admit, we were eager and ready too! How could we not be with so many of our favorite craft breweries getting in on the pumpkin game? But with all these options we realized that it’s really hard to know which breweries have killer pumpkin brews, and which were just kind of “meh.” So, being responsible food bloggers, we decided to visit BevMax in Stamford to buy 10 different pumpkin beers from across the Northeast (and DE just for fun) and see which ones we liked the most (and least) so we could report back to you. See the sacrifices we make for you?

To keep things fair, we held a double-blind study on a laid back Sunday night. Kristien poured out samples for Dan and he rated, not knowing which beer it was…then Kristien did the same in a different order. We judged based on taste, appearance, and smell. In terms of taste we wanted to make sure we knew at first sip that it was a pumpkin beer, but we were also looking for it to be nicely balanced—not too light or too heavy with the spices.  For appearance we were searching for a dark golden brown hue, nothing more, nothing less. And for smell, we wanted that warm and spicy scent we’ve come to expect from pumpkin beer.

So let’s get into our ranking of these 10 brews from lowest rated to highest, along with ABV and notes. We hope you enjoy…

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CT Food News, Vol. 26: Brandy, Beer, Pancake Party, Pumpkins, and Pigs

23 Oct

Well, look, don’t complain about the rain…just think that it could actually be snow. Then what? Yeah, we know…all the CT schools would have to close for the day in preparation for the 2 inches of snow that could potentially cripple our infrastructure. ;) So, yeah, it’s raining…big deal, especially when we’ve got some great things for you to check out tonight, tomorrow, and over the next couple of weeks. 

Green and Tonic in New Canaan is now open at 5 Burtis Avenue. Get your juice, soup, and healthy food fix by visiting!

Powder Hollow Brewing in Enfield recently had an Open House that was a major success, clearing them out after giving out over 1,000 samples. They’ll be giving a Grand Opening announcement very soon. 

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Phil Markowski Talks Kriek, Gueuze, Philsamic, Unorthodox + Roadsmary’s “Other” Baby at Two Roads Sourcopia Dinner w/ Chef Plum

22 Oct

2 Roads Sourcopia Dinner Collage

If there’s something that we’ve learned about Two Roads, it’s that when Two Roads does something, they always do it big…and they do it right. Case in point: last night’s Sourcopia paired beer dinner from Chef Plum and the Plum Luv Foods crew. There were five courses of food dreamed up by Chef Plum that he paired with new Two Roads beer, including their three new sours that everybody in attendance got first tastes of. There was Kriek, Gueuze, Philsamic, and two other brews including the soon-to-be year round Unorthodox and a delicious Roadsmary’s “Other” Baby.

The pairings were really spot-on and the courses were spaced out nicely…quite a feat considering what Plum, Chef Kern, and the crew were dealing with. They were there, hours before, setting up a make-shift kitchen in the side room where you normally go to get growler fills. Our favorite courses were the sashimi tuna, the Surf and Turf, and of course the pork belly and our favorite brews were Philsamic and Roadsmary’s “Other Baby.” Excellent job, again, Plum and Two Roads.

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Spooky Good Halloween Parties and Events in the 203 for 2014

21 Oct

Ah…Halloween. That time of year when it becomes incredibly cold, yet people get dressed up (well, partially dressed up) in their favorite costume. Yes, it’s an excuse to expose body parts that normally aren’t exposed…and it’s a wicked good time to go out and party. Drink, party, eat, and engage in lots of ravenous activities! Well, we thought we’d help you out whether you’re going to dress as Little Red Riding Hood, in an Ebola-safe hazmat suit (a new use for your Breaking Bad costume from last year), as a brooding and sparkly-skinned vampire, a sexy arrow-slinging Katniss, or that bro who just wears a shirt that says “This is my costume.” Yeah, let’s do it:


Ginger Man’s Great Pumpkin Ball

Date and time: 10/31 from 9-2 am

Cost: n/a

Description: The Great Pumpkin Ball hits Greenwich and rocks the avenue all night long! Plenty of great pumpkin brews will be on tap and DJ Abasto will be spinning.

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Craft 260 to Host Beer Fest w/ 11 CT Breweries to Benefit Community Plates – Fairfield, CT

20 Oct

Craft 260 Beer Fest for Community Plates

Two Roads, Back East, Overshores, Black Hog, Stony Creek, Old Burnside, Thomas Hooker, Charter Oak, New England Brewing, Relic, Aspetuck Brew Lab (brewery in the works).

These local CT breweries have come together for Craft 260‘s first ever Beer Fest. The beer begins flowing at 1 pm on Sunday, November 2 up until 4 pm right in the Craft 260 parking lot. Oh, and speaking of beer, it’ll be unlimited drinking from start to finish with just a simple donation. Tover and the crew at Craft 260 are asking for at least a $15 donation that goes directly to Community Plates, the Norwalk based volunteer-driven organization who rescues food for those in need. Your donation gets you a bracelet and that bracelet gets you as many refills as you gosh darn please until 4. 

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The Fermenting Upward Growth of CT Beer and a Call to Action

17 Oct

As food bloggers here in Fairfield County, we’ve seen the food & beverage scene grow immensely since we started back in 2010. One of the biggest areas in the food and bev biz to kick some serious butt has been CT breweries! Just think, in 2011, we had just 16 breweries, in 2012 we had 21 breweries, in 2013 there were 23, and now, we have 30 in-state breweries that are open with 45 breweries slated to be open by 2015*. Doing the math on that, that’s current growth of a whopping 81.25% since 2011! And the best thing is, these breweries are not just about making beer for beer’s sake…they’re about making good beer that we can all be darn proud of! Which brings us to our point…

Not enough of the rest of the U.S. knows about all the great beers CT has to offer and it’s about time they did! Now, to be fair, some of this is due to limited distribution, although things are getting better. As example, The CT Brewers Guild has become a unifying force in putting CT beer forward as a whole with an all for one and one for all mentality. And, this past year has seen CT breweries take sizable steps into new markets like Two Roads pushing into NYC, MA, and Rhode Island, Half Full pouring out brews in Westchester County, Thomas Hooker bringing suds to MA, NJ, NY, and PA and Overshores even expanding distribution to Washington, DC.

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Wilton Introduces Inaugural Fall Restaurant Week from 10/20-26

17 Oct

The Wilton Chamber of Commerce is excited for its very first Fall Restaurant Week! Just go to any of the participating restaurants from 10/20-26 and get some great deals. Whether it’s a prix fixe menu or the restaurant is offering up some specials for Restaurant Weekers, you’ll save some dough and get your shot at trying a bunch of new places!

Here are the deets (and check the RW page for updates)…

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CT Food News, Vol. 25: Harvest Fests, Food Trucks, Whisky Tasting, Contests, Deals + More

16 Oct

How are we half way through October already? Craziness! Well, things ain’t over yet, people…there’s still plenty going on. So, let’s take you through some great events, deals, specials, contests, and offers going on in the 203. Oh, and don’t forget that this week is CT Beer and Restaurant Week, so make sure you’re using Untappd to check in to earn that shiny new CT Beer Week badge.

Deals and Events

Lorca in Stamford is now selling Apple Cider donut bites for just .50 each. Damn right, son!

10/17-19 This Friday kicks off Harvest Festival Weekend at Stamford Museum & Nature Center. And, what better way to kick it off than with an Oktoberfest celebration on 10/17. In addition, there will be plenty more going on Saturday and Sunday like apple cider demos, pumpkin carving, apple slingshots, tons more and, yes, there will be food trucks. Helluva lot of them, too! On Saturday they’ll have Bodega Taco Bar, Hot off the Grill, Maddy’s Food Truck, Melt Mobile, Pierogies on Wheels, and Vanchetta, while on Sunday they’ll have Bounty Food Truck, Cowabunga, Lobstercraft, Skinny Pines, Skip’s Ice Cream, The Spud Stud, and Taco Loco. More info here.

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Hello Kitty Cocktail + Cupcake Combo @ Parallel Post Raises Money for Breast Cancer Wellness

15 Oct

Parallel Post's Hello Kitty picture from Parallel Post

Excuse us for a second. We’re still trying to recover from some heart-wrenhing news that we discovered a few weeks ago. Yes, yes…it’s true, it’s all true. Sanrio revealed that Hello Kitty is actually not a kitty. She’s actually a girl dressed as a kitty! We know, we know, your world is shattered, and you’re still trying to pick up the pieces…us too…us too. 

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Chowdafest VII 2014: Recap, Winners, Results + Our Faves at Calf Pasture Beach

13 Oct
Chowdafest Collage 2014 VII

Click through to see a full album of competitors, soups, and other good stuff!

This past Sunday just might have been the perfect fall day. The air was crisp (but not too cold), the sun was shining bright, and the leaves had just started to flame into color. Oh, and it just so happened to be the day when Chowdafest scuttled down by the water at Calf Pasture Beach in Norwalk. The same Chowdafest that started off at a church, then at a school, quickly grew to Webster Bank Arena in Bridgeport, then grew so big this past February that they needed to expand to an even bigger venue…and that takes us Chowdafest VII!

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