The Resurgence of Food Trucks in Fairfield County, CT: A Culinary Tour!

1 Apr

UPDATE: We feel bad about all you folks searching for food trucks in our area, then get to this blog post, read the whole thing, only to  find out it’s an April Fool’s joke! So, if you want a good laugh, read on, but these trucks (thankfully), are not real. ; )

Food trucks are hot stuff today, HOT!  You can get authentic ethnic food or even gourmet grub at cheap, cheap prices.  The country sat captivated as they watched The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network and cheered on their favorite chefs and cuisines.  People are following their beloved trucks on Twitter, tracking them down for a quick lunch.  For some it’s almost like a game:  where will my truck be next?  We guess it just goes to show how devoted people can be to a chef and his/her brilliant menus.  Here are some food trucks we’ve spotted and have heard real buzz over.  Begin feasting with your eyes:

Offal Food Trux, Norwalk

Brain, kidney, and tongue are just a few items on the menu here!

The entire stick to your roots, natural foods movement has really taken over Fairfield County.  Nowhere can this be seen better than here with Offal Food Trux.  They like to scamper around SoNo, but have been seen a few other places nearby.  Their signature menu item that must be tried is the Bovine Einstein Taco:  freshly sautéed cow brain in a tangy and chocolatey mole sauce.  Throw in some bone marrow on top and it almost looks like cheese.  There are other items to try like The French Kiss:  buttered goat tongue, served with some pomme frites on the side.

Po’ Po’ Porridge, Danbury


How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat?

Po’ Po’ Porridge in Danbury hits all the right spots–literally and metaphorically–in the downtown area.  This is the truck in an oatshell:  oatmeal, your way, with the best possible ingredients.  You might think it’s strange to limit yourself to just oatmeal, but think about how many taco trucks you see.  They just serve tacos, but they do a superb job at it.  Like your oatmeal watery?  They can do that.  Like your oatmeal lumpy?  You know they can handle that.  Want some blueberries in there?  Sure, they’ve got that.  Darryl Ohrt from Humongo told us about his favorite:  “I know it might sound kinda freaky, but I love the oatmeal here in a cup a bit runny.  I take it with me while I’m on a run and just take a few swigs here and there.  It’s really revolutionized my breakfast routine and my running regimen.  The next time I do the NYC Marathon, you best believe I’m stopping off for some oatmeal before my jaunt.”

Be-rate Burgers, Stamford


A be-rating burger experience that you'll never forget!

Last on our list of faves is this slick and punishingly good burger truck that can be seen on Washington, 1, and the Cove area in Stamford.  Be-rate Burgers have the Subway mentality, where you can get to pick all your favorite toppings.  Bacon, pancetta, mayo, mustard, ketchup, relish, onions, tomato, and mushrooms are just a few of the trimmins’ to put on your “Bad Bad Boy” as they call ‘um.  This is where things can get a bit hairy, though.  If they don’t like your order or your flavor combos, they will take out a bullhorn and begin to berate and insult you.  We ordered a medium-rare burger with guacamole, pancetta, and mustard, but Chef Williams didn’t agree.  He stormed out of the kitchen inside the tiny truck, threw open the door, and threw the ingredients at us.  “This, this.  You call this a burger?  What’s wrong with you?  I won’t serve that kind of crap at my truck.  Get out, get out.  Just go.  Let this serve as a lesson to the rest of you on line.  Don’t order crap.  Think.  No one likes a horrible hipster-foodie-wannabe!”

Here is a short list of some of the other trucks we’ll review shortly:

Kinda Round, Westport

Fat and Greasy, Darien

All Artificial Flavors and Ingredients, Black Rock

April Fool’s Day, I hope you didn’t really

think these were real.  If you actually did,

you’re sick.  Actually, I kind of would go

to these trucks. ;)

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