Best Hot Dog in CT? Keep Driving: Glenwood Drive-in–Hamden, CT

3 May

Some bad boys all charred and loaded up!

On the way to New Haven this week, we needed a nice lunch spot.  Ola was closed for lunch, which we’re still dying to go to.  Along the way, though, we did hear about Glenwood Drive-in.  There were many great reviews and on their site they pimped out “Best Hot Dog in CT” award from Connecticut Magazine.  We lived down the road from Super Duper Weenie for a while, so we know what the best hot dogs are all about.  Using Super Duper as the bar, we walked in ready to be surprised.

Your everyday, average, ordinary burger.

The inner decor hasn’t changed much because you still get that drive-in feel.  There were plenty of options on the menu to choose from, but the lovely man behind the counter kept barking impatiently at us, “Ya ready? Ya ready?  Ya ready?”  One thing to be said about service:  you don’t rush people when they are making such important choices as hot dog or hamburger, fries or rings!  Well, we kind of went with a hodgepodge of things and decided that was best to get a sampling of the food here.  Again, though, the man behind the counter barked at us, repeating over and over, “Is that the end of your food order?”  Uhm, we needed drinks.  Is there some kind of crazy order to things here that we don’t know about?  We couldn’t help but think of poor Elaine:  “No hot dog for you, come back one year!”  Seriously, that guy needs some anger management classes.  There wasn’t even a person behind us in line and the guy’s trying to get rid of us.

Anywho, we put toppings on two dogs, got some ketchup for fries, and loaded up a burger with goodies.  We definitely liked their toppings bar:  mustard, golden mustard, relish, mustard with relish, onions, sauerkraut, ketchup, and hot pepper relish.  Kristien didn’t have to put a single thing on the lobster roll–it was perfect the way it was made. Well, the hot dog had nice char marks and looked like it would be great and flavorful.  Disappointingly, we both agreed that the hot dogs were good, but not great, not excellent, and certainly not the best hot dogs in CT.  That was a bit of a bummer.  My hamburger was also good, but not great.  It reminded me of the burger from Flipside Burger in Fairfield:  nice toppings, but the patty needed more umph.

Hot damn! Buttered lobster roll!

Kristien raved about the lobster roll.  They do it different here:  they smother the lobster in butter, rather than clog it up with mayo.  I tried a bite of hers and it was really amazing.  Really, of all things available that we tasted, this was the highlight of the meal.  We’d go back for that lobster roll, but probably not much else. The fries were ok, too, but were warm, not hot.  They could have also been crispier, too.

Finally, we were really excited about the onion rings because we knew the entire process to make them was quite demanding.  From start to finish, those rings were handmade.  Sadly, once again, the rings were dull and flavorless, almost like the chef forgot to add the spices and the salt into the breading mixture.  We threw down tons of salt onto them, but even still they were hard to eat.  We always finish our fries and rings, but we left half of them there, desperate and alone.

Is it me, or do those look bland too?

Sadly, we must say we’ve lost faith in people.  For this place to be voted “Best Hot Dog in CT” just seems like a travesty of justice to us.  So, if you’re thinking about heading here, be warned:  the food is so-so, but who wants so-so?  Keep driving by, not driving in.

Noms:  2.5

Cost:  $

Glenwood Drive-in

Address: 2538 Whitney Avenue

Hamden, CT 06518-3032

Phone: (203) 281-0604



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6 Responses to “Best Hot Dog in CT? Keep Driving: Glenwood Drive-in–Hamden, CT”

  1. JR June 1, 2011 at 5:02 pm #

    My favorite hot dog place by far is Rawley’s in Fairfield. Get the works with bacon and whatnot…soooooo good.


    • Dan Del Ferraro June 1, 2011 at 5:17 pm #

      We used to live in Black Rock, so that is pretty much hot dog heaven out there. So many great places. Rawley’s, Super Duper Weenie, Swanky Franks. We have to try Rawley’s again because I think we’ve only been there once. Always in search of the best hot dog, always.


  2. business daily May 15, 2011 at 7:23 pm #

    Many people believe that here is the best lobster roll anywhere Heaps of meat from at least one whole one-pound lobster is extracted in great hunks and piled into a toasted split-top bun that is accompanied by a cup of drawn butter or if you wish mayonnaise to garnish it. Reds boasts that each lobster roll contains all the meat from a one-pound lobster and then some.


    • Kristien Del Ferraro May 15, 2011 at 10:54 pm #

      I have to agree! While the other food was sub-par to say the least, the lobster roll was phenomenal!


  3. Lou May 7, 2011 at 5:07 am #

    Their hot buttered lob roll is “Connecticut style,” and indigenous to this state. To get the NE style cold lob roll w mayo in the Nutmeg state, you look for “lobster salad” roll.

    The next time you’re in Stratford, try the lob roll at Knapps Landing. Way off the beaten track, but what a view of the mouth of the Houstonic at the Sound.

    Also a good lob roll at the walkup Royaton Seafood shack.


    • Dan Del Ferraro May 7, 2011 at 7:00 am #

      Check and check! We’ve added two things to our to-do list. :) We’ve been to Royaton Seafood Shack, but we didn’t get the roll. So, Lou…do you prefer CT style or NE style?


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