Hot Spot Hotshots of Lower Fairfield County « Our 2nd Post for CBS Connecticut

27 Aug

Giovanni at his new hot spot, Volta

Hot Spot Hotshots of Lower Fairfield County « CBS Connecticut

So exciting! Our second post for CBS Connecticut. This time, we explored some hot spot hotshots by us. We look at Valencia and Bodega; Capriccio and Volta; and Scena Wine Bar, 55 Degrees, and Cava. We’ll tell you why the restauranteurs behind these hot spots rock and what to order.  Again, when you click through our post, please click on the FB Recommend tab to boost us up.  Thanks, you all rock.

“Our music library is full of one hit wonders that hit it big, but then sank into obscurity.  There are a handful of people, though, who have remained popular for decades, album after album.  Well, in our food-obsessed culture, restaurateurs and chefs have become the new rock stars of our generation.  The cream-of-the-crop own hot spots that people rave about and put out high quality menus fit for foodies. They use their culinary skills, knowledge, and creativity and translate their success into new restaurant endeavors.  Here’s a glimpse at just a few hotshot restaurateurs who own hot spots in Lower Fairfield County.  Let’s dig in…”

Hot Spot Hotshots of Lower Fairfield County « CBS Connecticut

11 Responses to “Hot Spot Hotshots of Lower Fairfield County « Our 2nd Post for CBS Connecticut”


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    […] is up to no good again.  Look at his criminal record:  serving some hard culinary time, just like Michael Young from Valencia, at Habana and Ocean Drive.  Most recent on his record?  Revamp the menu of Grand […]


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    […] Wine Bar & Restaurant.  Scena is the brainchild of the same owners of Cava in New Canaan and 55° Wine Bar & Restaurant in Fairfield.  When we arrived, we enjoyed Scena’s decor, which had a modern sensibility to […]


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    […] Cava.  Seriously awesome Italian food from same owners of Scena Wine Bar in Darien.  Gotta go here.  CBS post coming soon with them. […]


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    […] 55 Degrees Wine Bar & Restaurant:  been dying to eat here.  Same owners of Cava in New Canaan and Scena Wine Bar in Darien. […]


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