Rowayton’s Seafood Fish Market: Shuckin’ Fresh, Not So Shuckin’ Sure. Rowayton, CT

2 Oct

If you’ve been to Rowayton Seafood Restaurant, or just “The Restaurant” as their website says, you’ve probably had lobster, clams, and the freshest seafood.  We ate there years ago when I wanted to treat Kristien to a fine seafood dinner.  The food was very good and they were quite accommodating, even taking the lobster out of the shell for Kristien (yeah she hadn’t hit pro-status yet).  We were in the area because I’m a dummy.  I swore there was a festival going on, but it was actually the day before.  Doh.  So, why not stop in for a quick bite?  Have your car valet parked or find a spot on a side street.

For the people who want just a quick, easy bite, they’ve got your covered.  To the side of the restaurant, right on the water is Rowayton Seafood Fish Market.  You can order fresh fish and seafood here, and even order some food to eat outside on the benches.  We ordered, got our utensils and condiments, then sat back and enjoyed the summer day.  Unfortunately, though, you aren’t allowed to have a drink out there anymore. Bummer. After a while, the cashier who helped us before came by with our food.  We were excited because we remembered how awesome the food was in their restaurant just a few feet away.  Well, sometimes things change.

First off, Kristien had some oysters.  Yeah, those rocked.  She loved them, nice and fresh, full of flavor.  They were served with a cocktail sauce, but nothing else fancy.  Plain and simple, but I know Kristien was expecting some mignonette sauce.

My lunch was fish and chips.  Hell yes, right?  Um, no.  The breading on the fish was soggy and not crispy at all.  I had the feeling like it had been breaded a while ago and was just waiting there to be fried up.  After being fried, it didn’t get enough golden color at all.  The taste was pretty bland, too.  Later I checked Foursquare checkins and saw that people said Fish and Chips are bad here, don’t get them.  Tip, people:  always check Foursquare checkins before you eat somewhere.  You get the good and bad.  The fries were okay, but could have been much crisper.

Kristien’s lobster roll seemed like it would be amazing because it was of the hot variety.  Yeah, the only kind that I’ll eat because of my mayo disgust.  The roll itself was ok, the lobster was fresh and there was lots of it, but there was a minimal amount of butter…actually, didn’t seem like any at all.  If you’re a lobster purist, then this is good for you.  You simply get the flavor of the lobster and not much else.  For those looking for a more complex flavor to come from the butter, look elsewhere.

Overall, we were kind of disappointed with our trip to the Rowayton Seafood Fish Market, especially because their next door restaurant continually wins “Best of Seafood” awards.  We’ll give them best of fresh, but not sure we can go much further than that.  I’m glad to see we’re not alone, because there are many other “meh” reviews of the food around the net.  Maybe you need to stick to just Rowayton Seafood and ditch their “shack” to get some good food?

Rowayton Seafood Fish Market

Noms: 2.75

Cost: $$$

Address:  89 Rowayton Avenue

Rowayton, CT 06853


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7 Responses to “Rowayton’s Seafood Fish Market: Shuckin’ Fresh, Not So Shuckin’ Sure. Rowayton, CT”

  1. Charles October 4, 2011 at 4:54 pm #

    Must have been an off day, I am a local resident of Rowayton and frequent both the restaurant and the fish market. I have spent many summer afternoons on the outside deck at the picnic tables enjoying a variety of meals from the fish market, personally I like the steamers, but I have had both the hot lobster roll and the fish & chips and have enjoyed both immensely. No one is perfect I guess, won’t keep me from going back though!


    • Dan Del Ferraro October 4, 2011 at 6:23 pm #

      Yeah, we did preface our post by saying that we had a great meal at Rowayton Seafood, but this was just a bad meal. We’d try the market again, but we’d be weary, but everybody deserves a second chance I suppose. :)


  2. elizabeth October 4, 2011 at 11:48 am #

    Soggy fish & chips is an automatic no-go for me–and if I want oysters, I’ll go to the Oyster House (especially now that the weather is getting inhospitable for sitting outside). But we’ll have to try this next spring!


    • Dan Del Ferraro October 4, 2011 at 12:02 pm #

      Soggy fish and chips is just horrible. :( You expect that beautiful crunch when you bite in, but it’s like eating slime. :( Texture gets overlooked a lot, you know, when people are eating or reviewing food. But, texture is really so important. The food I see you making on your site has a great variety of texture and that makes for a great meal. Where’s the Oyster House you speak of? We’ve tried a bunch of local places that have oysters. A good one was 1020 Post in Darien. They had a great variety of oyster and seafood in general.



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