Catch the Buzz at espresso NEAT with a Coffee 101 Class! Darien, CT

20 Oct

Rachel pouring out some H2O for a cupping event

Coffee.  Don’t ya just love the sound of that?  Yeah, if you’re not a freak, you love coffee.  Well, maybe you’re okay if your doctor says you can’t, but otherwise you’re a freak of nature.  We all love our coffee.  But, let’s say you’re a newbie.  Who’s going to teach you all about the liquid dark gold that makes our life worth living?  Cue espresso NEAT in Darien.  They took us on a cupping adventure a few months ago, but now they’re up to more awesomeness.

They are going to accept eight (translation: hop on it punk, will go fast) people for a caffeinated learning experience.  You’ll learn how to buy the best coffee, first of all.  I guess you’d start at Espresso NEAT for that? ;)  They’ll also teach you how to store it, grind it, and ultimately how to do a kickass job of brewing it.  This is a relaunch of similar events that they’ve thrown in the past such as intros and catching defects, a.k.a. cupping.

We hope to see lots and lots of more fun coffee related learning experiences like this.  We’ll pass along info to you because we love you.

Saturday, November 5th @ 7:30AM

Class size is limited to 8 people;                    

email to sign up.

espresso NEAT
Phone: (203) 202-7215
Address: 20 Grove Street
Darien, CT 06820
Hours: Monday-Saturday:  7AM to 6PM
Sunday:  8AM to 4PM

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