Chilifest 2011 in Westport Heats Things Up…Did Your Favorite Restaurants Win?

30 Oct

Chilifest pumpkin hanging above both Chilifest 2011 trophies!

Looking for info on the 2014 Chilifest in Westport? 

The 1st Annual Chilifest at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Westport was a blazing success.  So many non-wusses showed up despite the nasty snow that piled up, slushy inch by slushy inch.  Similar to Chowdafest (coming soon), you pay the entrance fee (just $6 here), get a spoon, a pencil, and a ballot.  We played a pretty serious game of juggling with all that stuff, our camera, our pen, and our notebook.  Yeah, we’re food nerds, we carry a book to take notes with.  It’s a tiny one at least. :)

Robert Troilo wooing chili-goers with both his chills

When you entered, you could see the two flaming, red hot trophies that the competitors lusted after.  A holy U was formed with all the restaurants offering up cups of hot and bone-warming chili.  Some tried for the Classic trophy and some cooked up a storm (pun intended) to capture the Creative trophy.  Here’s a breakdown of the chilis with a description.  After that, we’ve got the official results from the Chilifest site.

Ash Creek Saloon:  “Ash Kicking Chili” was a very typical chili with yummy ground beef.  Classic.

Bobby Q’s: “Smokehouse Chili” was with BBQ brisket and was helluva smoky.  Classic.

Brewhouse:  “Dat’l Do It 3 Bean Chili” with a perfect consistency and great sweetness to tomato ratio.  Classic.

Chili Bomb:  “Texas Peacemaker” with an ordinary chili that was a bit bland but had great heat.    Classic.

“Jack’s Chipotle Turkey” was smoky and had that strong kick of turkey in it.  Creative.

DaPietro’s:  “Da Pietro’s Delectable Chili” had great taste with hints of cumin possibly, but was a bit soupy.  Classic.

“Vivacious Vegetarian Chili” was tomatoey, had bits of tender tofu in it, and was a bit spicy.  Creative.

Nicholas Roberts:  “Texas Chain Gang Chili” with duck fat (f’yeah), shredded beef shoulder, and cumin.  Classic.

“Quinoa Vegetarian Chili” was most unique.  The miso added a great, complex flavor.  Quinoa is fun to say.

Old Post Tavern: “Fire in the Hole Chili” was spicy, thick, tomatoey, and smoky.  Classic.

Swanky Franks: “Hot Dog!  That’s Good Chili!” was a freaking spicy hot dog chili.  Made with cloves and possibly jerk seasonings.  Creative.

The Lime:  “SubLIME Vegetarian Chili” was made with cashews, but was too mushy and overcooked.  Creative.

The Restaurant at Rowayton Seafood:  “Sumptuous Seafood Chili” was a seafood spin with cornbread croutons but needed a bit more spice.  Creative.

The Brewhouse bringing da brouhaha

And the Winners Are…

Classic Chilifest Trophy Winners
1st: Bobby Q’s 
2nd: Brewhouse
3rd: Ash Creek Saloon/DaPietro’s (tie)

Creative Chilifest Trophy Winners
1st:  Restaurant at Rowayton 
2nd: Nicholas Roberts Gourmet Bistro 
3rd:  Chili Bomb (opened for business just a few days ago)

9 Responses to “Chilifest 2011 in Westport Heats Things Up…Did Your Favorite Restaurants Win?”

  1. Jim Keenan November 1, 2011 at 12:27 pm #

    Hey Dan!

    Fun read – thanks for covering Chilifest (and soon Chowdafest). Can you shoot me your email ( so I can keep you on our email list.

    Thanks – Jim Keenan (chowda and now chili head aka the guy who runs the two events)


    • Dan Del Ferraro November 1, 2011 at 12:33 pm #

      Hey Jim, you do a great job! :) Thanks for putting these events together. We’ll be sure to mention you in the shout out for the upcoming Chowdafest. We’ll e-mail you later! :) I think we’re already on your mailing list, though. :) But, we’ll e-mail you anyway so you have our addy. :) Thanks, you rock.


  2. whitemist October 31, 2011 at 6:44 am #

    okay you got me! I gotta get to Bobby Qs – sounds a bit similar to my recipe. Were there ametures???


    • Dan Del Ferraro October 31, 2011 at 11:40 am #

      I think you’d like it, Joey. :) No amateurs, but definitely some restaurants who were out of their element making chili, so that’s kind of like amateur. :)



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