Bartaco: They got half their name right and it’s not the taco part. – Stamford, CT + Port Chester, NY

5 Nov

Tacos at the Port Chester location...better than Stamford's?

Most people in Connecticut have been through the doors of a Barcelona restaurant, have sipped on sangria, and have fallen in love with their tapas.  So, when the same owners expanded with Bartaco in Port Chester, we were psyched but also wondered if they’d be able to keep the quality up while expanding so much.  Just months before we were disappointed with Barcelona Stamford as compared to the others – seemed like the sangria was weaker and the food just wasn’t up to par with their other spots.

Bartaco in Port Chester, NY

So, we decided to travel out to Port Chester and see what all the buzz was about.    It was a beautiful summer day so of course we sat outside in their really nice patio area.  In fact, the decor overall was really nice and cozy…when it’s not jammed to the walls with people, that is. Yeah, this place is always busy, so just be ready to do some waiting.  When we sat down we were given the DL on how things work.  Mark off what you want on the menu card, put it up on the metal arm, or if you have a question or need help, put up the dragonfly logo of Bartaco. Cool concept!

Not Tacos

We started with some guac that was not too bad, but maybe oversimplified with very little more than just some avocado, salt and a teeny squirt of lime. We also ordered a spicy cucumber salad that definitely had a kick, but didn’t have much else going on with it.  Again, boring and oversimplified. The cactus dish was fun, spicy, had a vinegary kick, and was just sweet enough to add a nice complexity to this dish. And lastly the grilled corn with lime and cotija cheese was nice in theory but the corn was mushy. Definitely not nearly as good as the same dish at Bodega in Fairfield.


For our meals we went crazy with a mix of Baja fish, pork al pastor, tamarind beef, and spicy chorizo tacos.  The Baja fish had a nice crispness to it but was pretty bland and devoid of a real kick or flavor.  The pork al pastor was good with a nice amount of spice in it, but we’ve both had WAAAAY better al pastor tacos before, I mean WAAAAY better.  The tamarind beef taco, also had good flavor, but nothing mind blowing.  I ended with the spicy chorizo taco which had chorizo all crumbled up, kicked up with some nice bold smoky flavor. This was definitely my favorite.

Overall, we thought the food was decent, but not great or amazing as the buzz made it seem.  We both agreed that the tacos at Casa Villa blew these out of the water and were not as good as Tacos Mexico in Norwalk.

Bartaco in Stamford, CT

We waited to review Bartaco here to coincide with the September opening of its new spot in Stamford. We waited for about half an hour because the place was packed just like the Port Chester one.  We got our seats and saw they had the same kind of vibe going on in here, even with the little metal stands to place your menu orders on.  Now we like a rockin’ musical ambiance as much as the next 30 something couple, but DAMN is it incredibly loud in there! Seriously don’t plan to hear what the hell your friends say, or your waiter even.  Just pretend and nod your head, they’ll never know.

Not Tacos

We got the guacamole that was just like it was in Port Chester.  We do like the crispy tortillas that come with the guac though. They’re nice and crispy and salty.  We also had the snapper ceviche that also came with lots of cilantro, fresh snapper, peppers, and just the right amount of spicy kick.  It was pretty good overall. I saw a Foursquare tip about how awesome the blood orange margarita was, so I decided to go with that.  It came out waaaaaay too strong with an overpowering liquor taste.  I asked the waitress to add more mix to it and that helped a tiny bit, though it was just way too strong to be enjoyable.


Porkslap Ale (it's boss) with tacos at the Stamford locale

We wanted to see if our original conclusion was correct, that Bartaco tacos were just okay.  Well, we had our answer by the end of our meal.  I had red snapper a la plancha.  The fish and flavors were bland.  Unfortunately, the only thing that stood out and gave flavor were the vegetables.  Yeah, bummer.  I loved the spicy chorizo last time and decided to get more of it this time.  Well, this time it was tough and overcooked.  The flavor was still there, but I was left disappointed once again.  Sadly, this wasn’t the worst of the night.  I decided to try the lamb barbacoa taco.  The flavor combos with the lamb just didn’t work and seemed awkward and not appealing.  There were chunks of lamb fat throughout the taco, but the killer was the chunk of fat that had lamb bone attached to it.  Quality control?  Meh. Kristien agreed, this might have been the worst taco we’ve ever eaten, and she loves lamb.  Worst lamb dish that I’ve ever had, hands down.


We are churros addicts and were excited at the prospect of some bad boys that came with chocolate sauce.  We were especially excited because only the day before we met our friends Darryl, Melissa, Renato, and Alicia at Barcelona in Norwalk and shared amazing churros.  They came out looking very good, but they were raw in the middle.  We were just going to leave and not bother, but we really wanted churros, so we asked for another batch.  The churros came out but, once again, they were raw on the inside.  We paid and left.

Overall Thoughts

There are so many FANTASTIC taco places in Stamford, Norwalk, and all over Fairfield County, but unfortunately, Bartaco isn’t one of them. It’s not even close. If you care more about the vibe and the cool factor, then you should come to Bartaco.  But, if you want the authentic Mexican experience and want to pay helluva less try these options that are nearby:

Casa Villa, Stamford

Tacos Guadalajara, Stamford

Los Molcajetes, Norwalk

El Charrito, Stamford

Bodega Taco Bar, Fairfield

Noms: 2.75
Cost:  $$$
Bartaco                                                                                        Bartaco
222 Summer Street (next to Barcelona)                              1 Willett Avenue
Stamford, CT 06901                                                                Port Chester, NY 10573
Phone:  (203) 323-TACO                                                       (914) 937-TACO

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10 Responses to “Bartaco: They got half their name right and it’s not the taco part. – Stamford, CT + Port Chester, NY”

  1. george April 3, 2013 at 3:47 pm #

    The whole concept and food are awful. They just bring the food randomly and don’t tell you what it is.


  2. Rob March 20, 2012 at 10:14 pm #

    I’m totally with you on the food. I am obsessed with Casa Villa and the taco’s can’t compare. But I think you sold Bar Taco short on, in my opinion, their biggest strength- their drinks. Almost every cocktail is unique, made from all fresh herbs, fruit, veggies, and tastes amazing. I sometimes feel bad ordering a drink when its busy because the bartenders literally cut and squeeze the fruit right in front of you. They are the hardest working bartenders in Stamford. If you haven’t already, try the Old Thymer, the cucumber one, and of course you can’t go wrong with a mojito or margarita. Definitely beats the artificial syrupy mix they use at Riviera Maya. Anyway, you two at OmNom do such an amazing job! Keep up the good work!


    • Dan Del Ferraro March 20, 2012 at 10:27 pm #

      Hey Rob, thanks for the compliments, that means a lot. We definitely were disappointed by the food, but we did hear super amazing things about the drinks, just like you said. We’ll have to go back for drinks, especially the Old Thymer! That sounds awesome. Reminds us of a pickle vodka we had at The Fez. That was interesting. :)


  3. whitemist November 5, 2011 at 2:57 pm #

    i had a heads up (from work) that what you said was the case and when you say no flavor, that kinda seals the deal. I mean really, Mexican food with no flavor? You do not need heat, but you gotta have flavor! This is sad


    • Dan Del Ferraro November 5, 2011 at 3:02 pm #

      Good, glad we’re not alone in our experience. We wonder sometimes, “Did they have an off night?” Guess not. Lots of bad reviews. So, it’s not us…it’s them. :) As for bland Mexican that’s an oxymoron. Doesn’t make sense. :)


  4. Vanessa November 5, 2011 at 1:49 pm #

    Love the honesty! I’m tired of hip restaurants that don’t make good food – and I’ve never liked the folks who go places just to be seen there. I’ll be staying out of this place. It’s a shame they couldn’t even cook the food right! And the bone in the taco? WTF! Shame on them.

    Have you ever been to Tacos Mexico in Norwalk? I’ve heard good things but haven’t been yet.


    • Dan Del Ferraro November 5, 2011 at 1:59 pm #

      It’s great to write nice reviews, but it’s tough to write critical reviews. We go to restaurants to enjoy and to get taken away into the chef’s world. If we wanted to be seen, we’d start a food blog…oh wait. hehe Nah, seriously, we hear ya. It’s about the experience and the food to us, more than the glitz and glitter. We don’t get the taco thing…are they that hard to make Vanessa?

      As for Tacos Mexico, yes. We’ve been there. Inexpensive food and it’s pretty good. It’s definitely better than the food we had at Bartaco in Stamford. The other great one to try is Los Molcajetes in Norwalk. It’s across from where the Oyster Fest is. Seriously great tacos and maybe cheaper than Tacos Mexico. Best is the beef with bacon tacos.



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