The Talk of the Town: Darien Social Now Open!

23 Jan

The Chef

Nick Biello, the bad boy chef who rocketed Burger Bar & Bistro into Connecticut burger fame, is up to no good again.  Look at his criminal record:  serving some hard culinary time, just like Michael Young from Valencia, at Habana and Ocean Drive.  Most recent on his record?  Revamp the menu of Grand Burger Bar in Stamford and make it illegally good.  Well, here he comes again as Executive Chef of Darien Social.   

The Food

His inspiration this time around?  Take some of the tried and true American classics, and twist ’em up a bit, push some boundaries, get you trying new things.  Expect a plethora of farmstead cheese (yummm) and small plate options such as local oysters (yummm), deviled eggs (more yumm),…okay.  Just going to stop, so hungry, these are all my faves.  Okay, pork belly “BLT” sliders with tomato aioli and arugula.  Also, we hear that people will be beating down Darien Social‘s doors just to get a serving of some Swedish Meatballs (better than Ikea’s I bet) that are served with some sweet jam, toast, and a gravy made with foie gras.

Some of the bigger dishes are a grilled artichoke pizza with sun dried tomato and fontina or the Social Burger (organic beef) topped with caramelized onion, black pepper truffle mayo, and Shelburne cheddar.  Ah.muh.Gawd.  So wanting that.  There’s a great iceberg salad, pork osso bucco, wild salmon with Swiss chard, and what Danny wants to try:  NY strip served with homemade duck fat fries, bone marrow, cherry wheat butter and herb salad.  Yeah, I’ll have to steal some of his.

Expect great desserts, too.  They’ll have a smooth and luscious vanilla pot de creme topped with sugar cookies, freshly baked cookies with granola milk, and a killer (to the third power) root beer float topped with mascarpone ice cream!  Yeah, we already know what we want to order.   You won’t have to wait very long!  They are now open. Plus, check them out in Darien’s Restaurant Week from 2/6-2/10 for a nice prix fixe three-coursed deal.  We’ll have info on that shortly.

The Drinks

Mike Boughton is in charge of drinks here.  Although he started in ’99 at Southport Brewing Company, he became a Sommelier through the Sommelier Society of America. So, expect to get great wine, great beer, and great mixed drinks.  Let’s start with the taps:  31.  Yeah, that’s impressive.  That’s a beer to go with any kind of dish Nick can cook up.  The wine list will travel around the world, taking the best flavors and grapes, and putting them on the menu for you.  They’ll feature a Flaca Margarita made with Don Julio, agave nectar, fresh lime, and Combier and a “Moscow Mule” made with Tito’s vodka, fresh lime, blackberry infused simple syrup, and ginger beer.  Lastly, they’ll have premium scotch and whiskey to have with or after your dinner.  One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to try drinking scotch, so maybe I’ll start here? Such lofty goals I have.

Now open for nomming!

Noms: TBD
Cost: TBD
Darien Social
10 Center Street
Darien, CT
(203) 614-8183

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7 Responses to “The Talk of the Town: Darien Social Now Open!”

  1. whitemist January 24, 2012 at 6:20 pm #

    i love oysters and there is nothing wrong with the local oysters (actually it is a very good thing because it is a faitly rebirthed thing since MSX and derno caused some issues for them, but they are back!)


    • Dan Del Ferraro January 24, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

      Yeah, local oysters are really great. Nothing like getting them so fresh that they’ve practically just come out of the water.


  2. whitemist January 24, 2012 at 6:18 pm #

    He did a good job with Gard’s burger, this should be hard to get into.


    • Dan Del Ferraro January 24, 2012 at 9:29 pm #

      Yeah, it probably will be a hard to get into spot, but seems to be really worth the wait. Excited to have our first bite. :) How you doing Joey?



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