Take a Taste of Stamford: Our Best Food and Drinks in One Night!

9 Feb

Update:  check out the 2013, 20th Annual Taste of Stamford by clicking here. 

Danny and I are proud to own a house in Stamford.  It really has the best of so many worlds. It has a thriving downtown, filled with life, restaurants, and exploration worthy spots.  Also, you have the more suburban parts like Springdale, where we live with just as much life and great spots to check out.  Plus, we’re going to have our own Foursquare badge soon!

So, what better way to celebrate the awesome tastes of Stamford (and surrounding areas) than having a huge tasting event?  Yup, mark it down:  2/16/2012, from 5:30-8:30. Taste of Stamford at Stamford Plaza Hotel & Conference Center.  If you pre-pay by registering here, it’s just $50.  $60 at the door.  So, what’s that get ya?  We’ll break it down for you by food and drink categories.  After this much tasting, you just might need to be rolled into your own room at the hotel. ;)


BarQ (We’ve got the exclusive scoop on Bob LeRose’s–from Bobby Q’s–spot that’s coming soon)
Bar Rosso
Cafe D’Azur (review coming soon; Darien)
Cafe Oo la la
The Capital Grille
Columbus Park Trattoria (OmNomy winner for Best Italian)
David’s Soundview Catering
DiMare Pastry Shop
The Epicurean Caterers
Hilton Stamford
The Italian Center of Stamford
Shop Rite/Super Grade A
Stamford Plaza
Mitchell’s Fish Market
Napa & Co
SoNo Baking Company (Norwalk and Westport)
Spice Affaire
Tabouli Grill
The Inn at Longshore (Westport)


Acqua Panna (our water of choice during our Italian honeymoon) 
Coffee Distributing Corp.
Dichello Distributors
Ducky Life
S. Pellegrino
Stamford Wine & Liquors

19th Annual Taste of Stamford

5:30PM Until 8:30PM
$50.00 pre-paid/$60 at the door

Stamford Plaza Hotel & Conference Center
2701 Summer Street
Stamford, CT

5 Responses to “Take a Taste of Stamford: Our Best Food and Drinks in One Night!”

  1. Cayo at 7:02 pm #

    Seems a bit expensive to me!!!! Two of us can eat out for less than that!!


    • Dan Del Ferraro at 8:22 am #

      Well, if you compare it to a lower end restaurant, sure, it would have been much more expensive. But, if you go to almost any of those restaurants and get a nice meal you’re talking about spending at least the two ticket costs. The price here actually wasn’t that bad when you compare it to similar events that ask for 80 or more…especially those food and wine events. Sorry that we just approved this. WordPress thought it was spam. :(


  2. whitemist at 9:34 am #

    sad, i will be away – Ducky life is a regular at the farm market downtown in the summer and has some awesome tea! I am up set about not getting a scoop on BarQ :(!
    Sounds like awesome food and drink!


    • Dan Del Ferraro at 5:43 pm #

      Yeah, they do have great tea, don’t they? :) Sorry you’ll be away, too, for the event. :( But, food and drinks can always be made again at the restaurant and drunk wherever you’d like to. :) As for getting the scoop, I’m surprised you didn’t know. This is a first where we knew before you did. :-P



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    […] wait for them to open?  Want a sample of what to expect?  Check them out at Taste of Stamford on […]


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