Swag it up and learn some extreme bartending at Black Bear SoNo

24 Jul

Some bartenders will take your order then pour our your drinks.  Then there are other bartenders who will flip your cups in the air and catch it behind their backs, stall cups on the back of their hands, or pour out the liquor in the most insane way possible.  We’re talking ’bout fun, knock you down redonkulous moves.  Now, you might not be able to learn those crazy moves like the bartenders in the video above, but there’s still tons of tricks that you don’t need a slingshot or portable slicer for.

Flair bartending is actually alive and well in Connecticut, didya know?  There’s an actual Connecticut Flair Bartenders group and they’ve got some great things up their sleeves…or tossed behind the back, either way, they are doing some cool things in CT.  Join them with Skyy Vodka at Black Bear SoNo on Thursday, July 26 from 7 – 9 pm.  This will be their first training seminar for flair.  Also on hand will be Jon Puhl from the T.G.I. Friday’s in Orange who has competed in Las Vegas at a flair bartending event.  While this is a free event, they are looking for professional bartenders to attend.  Whether you’re a noob or the most veteran extreme barkeep, stop on by.  There are 20 spots so you want to make sure that you get that RSVP in.  Hit up chamberlain@blackbearsono.com and let him know you’re interested.  Even if you’re not a bartender, it would be pretty awesome to stop by and watch all the extreme bartending go down.

Guess what?  Now Connecticut Flair Bartenders will have their first ever flair event August 30 at Black Bear Saloon in Norwalk.  There will be two categories for competition:  experienced and novice.  Both offer cash prizes, so check out Connecticut Flair Bartenders for more info.

Have you ever been to a bar with flair or extreme bartending?

What’s the craziest move you can do or that you have witnessed?

Phone: (203) 229-0711

Address:  80 Washington Street

South Norwalk, CT 05854

Twitter:  blackbearsono

Facebook:  http://facebook.com/BlackBearSoNo

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