Fantasy Footballize with Deals and Parties at Rodizio Grill in Stamford, CT

31 Aug

“Okay team, sure, we’re down by a few touchdowns, but when have we ever let that stop us?  We’re big, we’re strong…we’re from Connecticut.  Remember last week?  We came from behind and scored 3 touchdowns just minutes before the clock stopped tickin’.  So, look, we’re gonna do this!  We’re gonna do this!    We’re gonna do this by pushing ahead, dashing way past the goal.  See boys, we’re in this to win it.  I want you to get out there and win this game.  Remember, you might be only one person, but we’re a team.  We’re the Connecticut Seagulls.  No one, and I mean no one, can keep the Seagulls down!”

-Coach Omnomsky, Connecticut Seagulls

After this motivational speech in the locker room, the Connecticut Seagulls went on to win a record-breaking game with a total of 8 touchdowns.  Really, it was incredible and one for the record books.  You know, thinking back to Coach Omnomsky’s famous speech made us think about football and the joy that it brings millions of people in America.

Where could we possibly go in Fairfield County to share that love, that devotion, and that footballishness?  Where can we freely and openly be who we are…fantasy footballers?

Well, the Connecticut Seagulls have been known to hang out at Rodizio Grill in Stamford.  That’s that Brazilian steakhouse that we wrote about a while back that won’t ever stop bringing meat to your table until you flip over the cue to red.  Being that we are family friends, Coach Omnomsky let us in on a little secret:

Chris, the most awesome gaucho, serves up parmesan sirloin

Rodizio Grill will hold your fantasy football draft party.  You can meet with your group at the bar or they’ll even let you hang out in a private party room for up to 3 hours.  That’s plenty of time to drink, eat, celebrate, and figure out your league.  To make it even easier, they’ve got a huge TV and free wi-fi so you can hook on up to the interwebs for tough decisions.  If you get reservations and bring at least 8 people, they’ll also give you a pretty sweet deal. We know that if you love football you automatically love meat, so for just $29.99 each you’ll get The Full Rodizio which includes apps, salad bar, meats, and bottomless fountain drinks.  But, hey, you’re not going to just drink soda, are you?  While the draft is going down, your league can drink up some specials.  We suggest their awesome caipirinhas.  

We’ll end this post with Coach Omnomsky’s inspirational words:

“Never back down, never surrender, push on, and break through that defense.”

Rodizio Grill

Noms:  3.75

Cost: $$$

Address: 5 Broad Street (next to Target)

                 Stamford, CT

Phone: 203.964.9177




 Monday – Thursday:  Lunch:11am-4pm and Dinner:4pm-10pm

Friday – Saturday:  Lunch:11am-4pm and Dinner:4pm-11pm

Sunday:  Lunch:11am-4pm and Dinner:4pm-10pm


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