Local Change, One Meal at a Time: Eat for Equity Comes to Stamford, CT

6 Sep

How it all began…

Eat for Equity.  You can find them hard at work in Boston, Minneapolis, Portland, and the Ozarks…and soon you’ll find their ground-breaking, community-minded, locavore-loving, change-making meals in Stamford, Connecticut.  To understand Eat for Equity, you need to understand where it all began.  After witnessing the deadly tragedy of Hurricane Katrina, one of the founders of E4E put a New Orleans style meal together in order to raise money to help out.  Turns out, it was a huge success with 100 people attending.  As the dinners continued, the popularity grew and so did the money that was raised.  Their ideals and their approach to helping bring a fair shot and equity to the disadvantaged spread across the country and the next place on their stop:  The City that Works.

Who they’re helping

E4E helps puts meals together using local ingredients in order to raise money and awareness for groups that fight inequities in education, the environment, health, and opportunities. In addition, they will help local organizations to make short-term changes and to bring about change to the community to bring about self-sufficiency.  Check out all the non-profits that they’ve helped so far. 

The meals

From http://eatforequity.org

Here’s how it works:

E4E brings people together to create fun and exciting themed meals using fresh ingredients from local sources.  Depending on who volunteers, each event (once per month or a few times a year) could take place at a person’s house, an outdoor space, a park, or anywhere else that will be awesome.  The chefs, also, volunteer their services and help to put together a killer meal for everybody who attends.  In addition, volunteers help to clean dishes, serve, and to put together the event.

Oh, we’re missing an essential part here:  the volunteers to come by and eat lots of great food.  There’s a suggested donation of $15-20 for the meal, but more is always welcome.  All proceeds from that meal will then be donated to the local nonprofit organization that E4E decided upon for that event.  E4E’s first event will take place October 20.  Check back for more info and check their FB page, too.

Your part…

We urge you, our fellow readers, to check out the Eat for Equity form and say how you’d like to get involved.  Whether it’s hosting an event, cooking, cleaning, organizing, or just eating, your help will undoubtedly change lives.

So, let’s celebrate local. 

Let’s celebrate old friendships.  Let’s celebrate new friendships. 

Let’s celebrate kindness. 

Let’s celebrate equity for all.

Eat for Equity

Site:  http://eatforequity.org

E4E Stamford Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/EatForEquityStamford

E4E Stamford Volunteer Page

Donate to E4E

20 Responses to “Local Change, One Meal at a Time: Eat for Equity Comes to Stamford, CT”

  1. tony December 20, 2012 at 1:23 pm #

    This is such a great event that helps so many people. It really means a lot to the community. I’m going to check out the site, would love to help at an upcoming catering event. Keep up the great work.


  2. Fairfield County Foodie September 7, 2012 at 4:40 pm #

    What a great idea! Everyone is a winner. :-)



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