Cheers! Local Wine and Beer Blind Tasting at Bottlerocket of Westport, CT

23 Sep

A while back, we told you about Bottlerocket opening up in Westport.  Yup, they’re the guys who have a fun way to organize their wines.  Select your wine by checking out the seafood, meat, poultry, treats, take-out, organic section, or any other of the themed sections in the store.  But, they also have a great beer and liquor selection, if you haven’t stopped by yet.  

They’ll be showing off some of their wine and beer on 9/27 from 7-8 with their first ever Happy Hour.  The focus?  A blind tasting of local wine and beer.  Tickets are $25 in advance (call them at 259-3939) or $30 at the door.  They’ll have some local drinks and some “out-of-towner” drinks.  It’ll be up to you in the blind tasting to see if you have a sharp enough palate to spot which are New England and which aren’t.  Think you’re up to the challenge?  You’ll definitely want to stop by, then.  Well, let’s say you’re not up for the challenge.  That doesn’t matter.  Come by any way and try some great brews and wines.  

Cheers, OmNomivores!


Address:  1790 Post Road East

Westport, CT

Phone:    (203) 259-3939


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