Free Adult Drink Pairings with Ghoulish Candy at Bottlerocket in Westport, CT

8 Oct

RELEASE THE KRAKEN!  Yes, right about now, my friend from school (Dan here) is reading this and wishes that he lived in Connecticut.  See, he has a bit of an addiction to Kraken black spiced rum.  In fact, he’ll probably talk to me tomorrow and arrange a visit to see us and to check out Bottlerocket of Westport.  On Saturday, 10/27, they’ll be mixing liquor and wine with some classic Halloween candies.  This tasting is FREE and goes from 1-4 pm.  You don’t need reservations for this event and you can bring your kids, too.  Just remember they don’t get to Release the Kraken!

Here’s what you can expect to try out:

The Classic: Newton Chardonnay and Candy Corn
Treat Amongst Tricks: Chateau Malescase Haut-Medoc 2006 with LA Burdick Single Source Madagascar 70% Chocolate
Rum ‘n Coke: Kraken Spiced Rum with Coke Bottle Gummies
Where There’s a Well, There’s a Way: W.L. Weller Bourbon with Milky Way Minis


Address:  1790 Post Road East

Westport, CT

Phone:    (203) 259-3939

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