“Drinking Beer Sonata” at Opening of New Franklin Street Works Exhibit

24 Oct

Happy birthday to Franklin Street Works.  They’ve been around for a glorious year, funkifying, electrfying, and artifying up Stamford and Fairfield County.  If you’ve never been to their space, it’s a must visit.  They have continually shifting exhibits up on display and they also have a little cafe downstairs when you enter if you feel like chilling and soaking up all the creativity.

So, Kristien and Dan, when can we check out their latest exhibit?  You guys ask the best questions EVER!  It just so happens that on this Saturday, 10/27, from 5-8 pm, they are having a reception for Working Alternatives:  Breaking Bread, Art Broadcasting and Collective Action.  According to Franklin Street Works, “The exhibition looks at three threads of alternative art space histories and examines how engaged, inclusive strategies are still being used to break down perceived barriers between contemporary art and its audiences. The themes covered in Working Alternatives are conviviality and food, artists who use media (newspapers, television, and radio) as platforms for artworks, and artist collectives in the US, explored through an open archive gathered specifically for this exhibition.”  Breaking down the barriers of what you might be used to in terms of art and ways to express art is a performance of the hopworthy “Drinking Beer Sonata with 13 Players.”  The brains behind this beautiful music piece is San Francisco Artist, Tom Marioni.  The bottle players will be following Marioni’s instructions to recreate the “Drinking Beer Sonata.”  Check here to see a group of four try this out for themselves.

Come on by, check out Franklin Street Works and their newest exhibit.  If you can’t make it on 10/27, the exhibit will be up on display until 1/13/13.  Not that you needed another incentive, but there will be plenty of free wine and beer so you can pontificate, ponder, and peruse in style.  After all, according to Tom Marioni, “The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends is the Highest Form of Art.” :)

Franklin Street Works

41 Franklin St.


Oct. 27-Jan. 13

Reception: Sat., Oct. 27, 5-8 p.m.

(203) 253-0404


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