Free Thanksgiving Wine + Spirits Tasting Series at Bottlerocket in Westport to Benefit Meals on Wheels

6 Nov

There are a few options ahead for you this Thanksgiving:

1) You’re cooking up a storm.

2) You’re eating up the storm that someone else has created.

3) You’re eating out or are getting dinner catered.

However you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, you’ll need some drinks to add to the festivities.  Experts have different kinds of advice:  Barolo, Syrah, Rose, Champagne, Riesling, Chardonnay, and even Barbera.

What it really comes down to, folks, is what you like and what you enjoy.  Well, what better way to see what works with your holiday meals than a series of three free tastings at Bottlerocket Wine & Spirits of Westport?

Here are the descriptions of all three tastings:

  • Thurs., Nov. 15th, 4-7pm: Life’s short, eat dessert first! Sweet wines and spirits to cap off an amazing holiday meal.
  • Fri., Nov. 16th, 4-7pm: Whet your appetite with bubbly and other wines to pair with appetizers and side dishes.
  • Sat., Nov. 17th, 1-4pm: Turkey-tastic wines that pair with the main course!

When you find that perfect wine or spirit to go with your Thanksgiving meal, you’ll definitely want to purchase those drinks right there on the spot.  Turns out, Bottlerocket will be donating 10% of all sales during the tastings to Westport Meals on Wheels.

What are your favorite drinks for Thanksgiving?


Address:  1790 Post Road East

Westport, CT

Phone:    (203) 259-3939


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