North Stamford Exchange Club Hosts Food + Wine Tasting at Italian Center to Benefit Local Charities

6 Nov

Been having an incredibly long two weeks and need to just let loose and finally relax?  Sure, we’ve all been on edge, but nothing quite makes things better than some food and wine!  Now, it just so happens that there is a food and wine event going on this Friday, 11/9 from 7-10 at the Italian Center of Stamford.  Really, what are the odds that we began to write this and this event popped up?  Yes, it’s truly amazing.  The 3rd Annual Wine Tasting is brought together by the North Stamford Exchange Club, Giovana’s Wine & Spirits, and local restaurants.  Tickets are $50 per person and can be purchased at Giovana’s Wine & Spirits at 1492 High Ridge Road in Stamford or at the door.  With all the food and wine here at this shindig, you won’t have to go out for a dinner, wait around for your food, and drop down more than a $100 in food and drinks.

Instead, you’ll sample wine from across the world and you’ll taste some of the best food from ’round these here parts.  There will also be a 50/50 drawing, a basket raffle, and a silent auction of sports memorabilia, other products, and gifts.   The proceeds from this event help the North Stamford Exchange Club invest in so many great things:

  • Youth sports programs
  • Student of the year scholarships
  • Female student athlete scholarships
  • Female volleyball and softball city champions
  • Programs for the elderly, hospices, ARI, Stamford Youth Foundation, Turn of River Fire Department, and Belltown Fire Department
  • The Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse (Parenting Skills Center in Stamford)

As for the food, wow…what a great list of restaurants:

3rd Annual Wine Tasting

11/9, 7-10 pm

The Italian Center of Stamford

1620 Newfield Avenue

Stamford, CT (where did you expect it to be, Westport?)


Giovana’s Wine & Spirits

1492 High Ridge Rd.



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