Olive Oil Expert Arden Kremer, Olivette, and Fairfield Green Food Guide Press out an Olive Oil Tasting at SoNo Marketplace

10 Nov

UPDATE:  Last Minute Change to Olivette‘s Darien Store! 

We’ve been to wine tastings.

We’ve been to beer tastings.

We’ve been to cheese and wine tastings.

We’ve even been to truffle tastings in Portland.

But, we dare say, we’ve never been to an olive oil tasting.

Well, if you count that olive oil and balsamic vinegar bar at Fairway Market that you go around and around and around, sampling, sampling, and sampling…well, if you call that a tasting, then we’ve tasted.  But, we’re talking about pure, unadulterated, beautiful, bright, vibrant, fruity olive oil here.  We’re talking about tasting the differences between years, types of olive, type of region, depth, earthiness, and more.  Look, it’s not just olive oil!  It’s art.

Speaking of art (is this really a segue?), olive oil has been the center of Italian culture for quite a while…like a few thousand years or something like that. :-P  Now, be honest:  you must admit you feel cheated when you go to an Italian restaurant and you are given:  A) butter B) olive oil of inferior quality that tastes like watery nothing.  How sad…how sad.

We can honestly say that we know a great deal about beer and wine, but when it comes to olive oil you’d probably call us noobs.  Olivette, set in the brand spanking new SoNo Marketplace wants to change that.  Not only do they offer great quality olive oils, but they also have descriptive notes like the varietal, any awards won, and where the olive oil comes from.  To help you understand olive oil more, to appreciate it more, and to give you advice about which kinds to buy, you’ll definitely want to come by their shop on 11/13 from 6-8 pm for a professional olive oil tasting for $40.  On hand will be Analiese Paik of Fairfield Green Food Guide and an expert in olive oil, Arden Kramer.

Check out what Analiese had to say about the tasting and about Arden Kremer:

“Arden Kremer, a member of the California Olive Oil Council Taste Panel, the U.C. Davis Taste Panel, and the U.C. Cooperative Extension Olive Oil Research Panel, will lead us through a professional tasting of 4 extra virgin olive oils from Olivette along with 2 ringers (just to keep you on your toes). Learn the language used to assess olive oil traits, both positive and negative, as we sniff and slurp our way through the evening. In addition to an invaluable education in olive oil tasting, each guest will receive professional tasting guidelines, an olive oil aroma/flavor wheel, tasting sheets, a gift-sized bottle of olive oil and coupons for shopping at Olivette. (Read our feature story about Olivette to learn more).”

Professional Olive Oil Tasting

Olivette/SoNo Marketplace

11/13/12 from 6-8 pm

$40 per person, pay by phone or by PayPal (only 30 seats available)

Address:  314 Wilson Avenue

                  Norwalk, CT

Phone:  Ask for Alina Lawrence, owner and general manager at (203) 621-0643 

E-mail:  alina@olivettect.com

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