Nadia G from Bitchin Kitchen Gives Us Her Bucket List Dishes and Holiday Cooking Tips

20 Nov

One night flipping through the channels, we switched on over to the Cooking Channel and witnessed a cooking show like we had never seen before. We were mesmerized and couldn’t bring ourselves to change the channel. The host was an eclectic, loud, joke-cracking chick dressed in some pretty rockin’ clothes with looks that could knock off a few mobsters.  When the episode ended, we looked at each other with hesitation and simultaneously blurted out, “That was awesome!” With killer recipes, a cast of attractive and charming characters like The Spice Agent, Panos, and Hans, and of course Nadia Giosa (or Nadia G. for short), we were officially hooked on Bitchin Kitchen.

Each episode (Wednesdays, 10 pm on Cooking Channel) revolves around typically edgy themes like “Deflate Your Mate,”–ways to gently help your mate lose a few pounds while still enjoying delicious food. In addition to step by step instructions on how to make her delish recipes, you’ll be treated to comedy skits, hysterical commentary, gratuitous shots of her shoes and clothes, super cool cooking accessories and equipment, and sometimes even a song.  You can also take the fun and recipes home with her cookbooks, Rock Your Kitchen and Cookin’ for Trouble.

Here’s more on the show from none other than Nadia G. herself!

Panos, Nadia G, Hans, and the Spice Agent. Photo from Bitchin Kitchen.

Bitchin’ Kitchen is like no other cooking show that we have seen before.  It’s part cooking, part music video, part comedy routine, part fashion show, and part classroom.  How did you come up with that format and why?

Well, two reasons:  I’ve always been food obsessed and have always been a massive fan of comedy.  So, I thought the two would taste great together.  You know, I’m always multi-tasking.   It only felt natural to use food to express a million different things.  You know, food is neutral and everyone loves it.

We notice that you’ve been bringing a lot of music into your show lately.  Is that your other passion besides cooking and shkoffing?

I love music…always have.  I’m a massive fan of rock and roll, too.  I also really love to do music videos on my show.  We’ve got a  hilarious skit coming up called Nadia G’s Greatest Hits.  It’s a parody of all those lame greatest hit infomercials.

Although many of your dishes are Italian influenced, your recipes play on other cuisines such as Mexican, South American, and Mediterranean.  How and where did you learn to mix these flavors and cuisines into your arsenal?

Well, I come from Montreal.  It’s very multi-cultural there.  My family is Italian and we had neighbors from Lebanon, Greece, and every culture you could imagine.

Your recipes are so unique and ubercreative, Nadia.  How do you develop them into what we see each week on Bitchin Kitchen?

My recipes are inspired from what my family has made and what I’ve eaten on the road with my own little spins.

How do you develop the themes for each episode?

You write about what you know.  The themes come right from there.  You know, the kitchen is always the place were we talk and have laughs.  It’s natural and easy, so the show writes itself in there.

Your next episode of Bitchin Kitchen, “Bucket List Dishes,” entices your fans with must-shkoff dishes and gets them ready to live life to the fullest.  Why are your Pulled Pork Sandwiches with Sweet and Salty Plantain on your bucket list?

Well, isn’t it obvious? Pulled pork should be on everyone’s bucket list…absolutely.  I love pork in general.  When it’s all slow roasted and it and just falls apart.  Ahh. I want to eat it now.

So, Thanksgiving is just about a week away and we wanted to ask you for some advice.  What do you think are some of the best ingredients to use for holiday cooking that will turn your meal from bland to bitchin?

That’s an interesting question.  I would say playing around with fruits is great and really overlooked.   Cranberry and fruit cake?  Ma.   Fruit actually goes so well with meat.  As example, you could cook apricots and create a sweet and tangy sauce or how about a fig reduction with aged balsamic.  Maybe add some spice, add chiles, or throw some chipotle in drinks or cranberry sauce.  Just take the typical and put a twist on it.  It’s all about big flavors and mixing opposites.

What advice would you give to chefs at home who are trying to handle 4 or 5 different things cooking at the same time during a holiday meal?

The best advice is don’t overwhelm yourself to the point of not having a good time.  If you haven’t cooked before, don’t cook a 20 lb. turkey for the first time on Thanksgiving.  Instead, think of things like turkey sliders or butternut squash soup shooters.  Just know your skill level and have fun.  Keep it inspired, yet simple.  You want to spend time on the important things…like Chardonnay.

We are also big fans of your cookbooks.  They are full of bright and fun pictures, chock full of stories, lessons on speaking Italian, and have recipes for dishes to go gaga over.  What’s one recipe that’s a tried and true one for you during holiday time that you could share with our fans?

Pancetta chestnut stuffing (check out the recipe on her site).   In my mind, turkey’s just the delivery system for the stuffing and gravy, really.  Also, you could make some pulled turkey that’s mixed in with gravy, or even turkey sliders with a nice chipotle cranberry sauce.

Thanks Nadia!  Be sure to tune in Wednesdays at 10 pm to Cooking Channel for Bitchin Kitchen.  Also, check out her:



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Bitchin Kitchen on Cooking Channel

3 Responses to “Nadia G from Bitchin Kitchen Gives Us Her Bucket List Dishes and Holiday Cooking Tips”

  1. JERSEY BOY - Michael J Haider April 4, 2013 at 10:16 am #

    NAIDA G: Fantastic person and fabulous show – just discovered. Been cookin in Jersey since the 60’s!


    • Dan and Kristien Del Ferraro April 4, 2013 at 10:33 am #

      So great that you discovered her show. She’s a really great person and is so lively and fun to watch. :) What kind of things do you cook there in Joissy? :)



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