Sake to Me, Westport: Pink Sumo Sushi & Sake Cafe Rolls into Town

20 Nov

Sick! Love that sign! From Pink Sumo’s Tumblr.

Westport’s quite the dining destination, now isn’t it?  Whatever you’re in the mood for, too, they’ve got the means to feed your need.  You want a burger on a barge?  Check out Black Duck.  You want some ribs to nom on?  Check out Bobby Q’s.  In the need for some seafood served up with a creative flare?  Crack open the doors of The Whelk.  Feel like some great farm-to-table?  Pick Terrain, LeFarm, or The Dressing Room.  Well, you get the idea.  If you don’t get the idea, sorry, we can’t be much more repetitive just for your sake…or is that sake, the drink?  We have to move on.  Seriously, we need to.

So, let’s add another reason to hit up Westport for some cravings:  sushi.  Yes, there’s a new bad girl in town and her name is Punk Sumo Sushi & Sake Cafe.  Well, we guess she’s a girl.  Guys can like pink too, yes, we shouldn’t judge.  We’ve very excited for the opening, slated for 11/26/12 at 11 am.  They’ll be rolling, slicing, and dicing food, and also pouring out sake at 4 Church Lane, right across the street from the YMCA and next to Urban Outfitters (boyfriends and husbands, be prepared for a pre or post shopping trip).

Now, here are some reasons why we’re ready to try out Punk Sumo Sushi & Sake Cafe:

  • The head sushi chef, Eric Cheng, is no ordinary sushi chef…we’re talking kitchen/sushi bar creds from Nobu.
  • The menu will showcase fresh sushi, sashimi, creative rolls, and more.
    • There will be more than 30 appetizers, so this will be a great spot to fill up on lots of little things or just snack and have some drinks.
  • There’s a nice bar, pumping out over 30 kinds of sake with other drinks, too.
    • One of their drinks, posted to their Tumblr, is the Asia Deep made with Asian Pear Sake, Green Tea Vodka, and a slice of ginger.
    • The sake is of good quality and will expand the normal four sakes that are on a typical menu.  Let’s push some boundaries.

Also, you’ll want to keep up with their FB page to find out more about their Grand Opening celebration on 12/12/12.  Can you say sushi and sake tasting?  Seriously, can you?  But, waiting until then is no excuse.  Go get out there and try the newest hot spot in Westport.

p.s.  We made no sumo jokes at all during this post.

Pink Sumo & Sake Cafe

4 Church Lane

Westport, CT

Phone:  (203) 557-8080

M-Th 11am-10 pm
F-Sat 11am -11pm
Su 12 – 10pm




Pink Sumo & Sushi Café on Urbanspoon

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