Fairfield County Restaurants Raise a Ton of $, one Beer at a Time to Support Hurricane Sandy Relief

27 Nov

–Video about A Buck for a Beer fundraiser from ItsRelevant

Back in early November, we told you about our effort (A Buck for a Beer to Support Hurricane Sandy Relief) to work with Fairfield County restaurants to make a difference.  The idea was simple:  when a certain beer was ordered at a restaurant, a dollar would be donated to American Red Cross.  After we wrote some of our favorite restaurants, we heard back quickly, owners eagerly hopeful to get involved.  While the first night of the fundraising week (11/7) wasn’t the best start because of snow, people were eager to go out, eat some food, drink some brews, and make a difference all week long.

Casey Dohme, manager at The Ginger Man of Norwalk had this to share:

“We got an incredible amount of support from our customers that the word had spread to.  From a woman stopping me on the street when I was changing our menu box to tell me she was coming the following day with a group of friends just to support the cause, to Friday night when another woman came in with a group of people who had really been affected and were stoked about the idea of drinking and helping.  One customer actually put her credit card down, and handed out drink tickets personally to her friends to use only towards beers that fell under NY/NE.  Very cool.  It gave people a release and a temporary distraction.  And while they were enjoying each other’s company, they in turn were helping and that got people excited.”

Also, Breno Donatti of Bistro 7 shared his sales report for beer.  Normally Sixpoint Brewery’s The Crisp usually accounts for 18% of beer sales, but for the fundraising week it was boosted up to 40%!  Clearly people wanted to drink for a cause.

Although we still need the amounts from 4 restaurants one more restaurant, we have totaled the money raised so far and it is…$1948 $2,572.50With the money raised from the other restaurants we expect to be able to donate over $2,000 to American Red Cross.  We gave The American Red Cross $1,948 already and look forward to giving in $600 more soon!  That money will help families who have lost everything and those who were severely hurt because of Hurricane Sandy.

We’d like to thank all the people and OmNomivores who went out, drank, and helped to spread the word of this cause.  We’d also like to thank ItsRelevant, Hey Stamford, SuzySaid, The Daily Voice, and everybody else for also helping spread the word.  And, of course, we’d like to thank the restaurants that worked so hard to make this happen.  You are an inspiration and we can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done!

Here are the restaurants who have donated money so far:

When we get updates as to more money raised, we’ll let you know.

Thanks again.  You all seriously rock.

3 Responses to “Fairfield County Restaurants Raise a Ton of $, one Beer at a Time to Support Hurricane Sandy Relief”

  1. casa villa November 27, 2012 at 9:27 am #

    We are so glad we could contribute to help peolpe in need. It feels great. Thank you Dan and Cristien for all the hard work


    • Dan and Kristien Del Ferraro November 27, 2012 at 9:29 am #

      Aw, we love you Casa Villa. We are both so happy that you were able to get involved. It’s clear you’re passionate about your food, but it’s also great to see how passionate you are about helping others. Thanks so much. :)



  1. Casa Villa Owner Opens Hacienda Villa in Bridgeport, City Rejoices « OmNomCT - January 17, 2013

    […] owned by Alvino Villa.  He’s a really great guy, helped to raise over $2,500 with us for Hurricane Sandy relief, and wants to bring people all the great food that he experienced while living […]


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