OmNomCT, Donny Raus, and More to Speak at Inaugural Ignite Stamford Event

18 Jan

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Ignite Stamford is something new that has just hit Stamford.  Every other month, a group of 12 people present fun, witty, quirky, inspiring, and potentially geektastic topics.  Here’s the rub:  each presentation is limited to 5 minutes with a series of 20 slides that are on auto-advance every 15 seconds.  Ignite has, well, ignited in about 100 different places across the world because people can’t get enough of learning new things, meeting new people, and having a good time together.  The first Ignite Stamford event will be held on 1/31, starting at 7,  and will be held at Stamford Innovation Center at 175 Atlantic Street.

A call for speakers went out and we thought long and hard about what to speak about, what we could add to Ignite Stamford.  We sat down, brainstormed, and out popped a topic…can you guess what we’ll be talking about?  Yes, correct:  the nuclear physiology of diatomic particles.  Okay, fine…we’re talking about food.

Also appearing will be everybody’s favorite coffee guy:  Donny Raus, owner of Raus Coffee.  You’ve seen him at countless farmers’ markets and have probably seen his coffee in stores.  And, undoubtedly, you’ve had at least one Cold Roman, their signature drink.  He’ll be talking about coffee, but in a different way…”Coffee for Humanity.”

We’re eager to hear him speak and to hear the other presenters.  You’ll definitely want to keep up with Ignite Stamford on FB and their site so that you can learn more about them, see how to apply for the next Ignite Stamford, and to learn more about the speakers below.  Believe it or not, after just two days this event sold out!  But, Meg, RJ, and co. still will have a waiting list up if you’d like to goTickets are $10…dirt cheap when you consider being able to see so many great speakers talk.

Lucas Codognolla, “Do I Look Undocumented to You?” @LucasCodog

Kathryn Fink, “Scarier Than Dying” @kathrynfink

Carissa Ganelli, “How Tech Founders Are Like Serial Killers” @LightningBuy

Sarah Goshman, “Time Out: Why You Should Take A Creative Sabbatical (and What I Learned During Mine)” @sarahemily

Jeremy Kranowitz, “How Much Corn Should We Put in Our Fuel Tanks?” @foodfuelfuture

Jackie Lightfield, “The Art of the Pop Up” @turfgrrl

Tereza Nemessanyi, “100 Events and 1000 Comments: How To Manufacture ‘Overnight Success’” @TerezaN.

Donny Raus, “Coffee for Humanity” @RausCoffee

TJ Singh, “Want to Start a Billion Dollar Company?”

Julie Ann Sorenson, “Dump Your Diet” @TheJulieAnn

Bridget Stokes, “Local Filmmaking: Making Movies and Improving the Community” @murhpystokes

10 Responses to “OmNomCT, Donny Raus, and More to Speak at Inaugural Ignite Stamford Event”

  1. sarahemily January 19, 2013 at 12:18 pm #

    Congrats again! Excited to meet you folks and hear your talk on nuclear physics… err… food. :-)


  2. Maria @ Pappa Don't Preach January 18, 2013 at 8:54 am #

    I just heard about this the other day and was so psyched to see you guys and Donny on the list of speakers!


    • Dan and Kristien Del Ferraro January 18, 2013 at 8:58 am #

      We’re super psyched too. Honestly, we’re honored to be in a group of such amazing people that have done pretty awesome things with their lives. It’s going to be a fun night. Will you be at the next Eat for Equity? We’ll actually be there this time :P


  3. whitemist January 18, 2013 at 8:51 am #

    Danny and his coffee i know well, sadly the group seems to be moving New Haven/Hartford way more than Stamford – can you tell i love coffee? Worst of all is i do not think my love fit with most of stamford as most of the small, independant coffee shops that are not Starbucks have not made it. Ant way – glad he is presenting!


    • Dan and Kristien Del Ferraro January 18, 2013 at 9:00 am #

      Hey whitemist, what’s up? :) Raus has been hitting up Norwalk quite a bit lately, so that’s good. So, do you love the lighter or darker coffees? We need ours dark and strong…we can’t stand weak coffee. We’re also excited to try Lorca in Stamford…have you gone there yet?


      • whitemist January 19, 2013 at 11:16 am #

        lorca? – i need to try! – sadly for me getting around in the evenings is not usually possible, so even Norwalk is to far unless i get company to drive



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