Unabashedly Sinful 7 Days of Chocolate at Plan B Milford

29 Jan

Plan B Milford Chocolate Week

Last year Plan B Burger Bar in Milford brought the world an unabashed, excessively fat-laden ode to everybody’s favorite pork product:  bacon.  That went down as a huge success for them and the pictures made us drool and wish we were there.  Believe it or not (actually, we do believe it), Plan B Milford must have been plotting away in their secret lair, laughing maniacally (maniacal laugh, maniacal laugh) while they thought of their next week long food event.  Ladies and gentlemen, people of all ages…may we present to you…the one, the only…Seven Days of Chocolate!

That’s a week of chocolate, from 2-11 to 2-17 at Plan B Burger Bar in Milford!  Is it a coincidence that there are seven deadly sins, too?  Well, you’ll be able to peg down gluttony at least after downing some killer apps, salads, burgers, pasta dishes, desserts, and cocktails that feature the brilliant cocoa bean.  Don’t scoff or shake your head like you’re too good for this.  Chocolate is used in many cuisines such as the beautiful moles (sauces, not the animals that ruin your yard) of Mexican cooking.

Here’s the menu in all its glory, thanks to Chef John Brennan at Plan B of Milford:


Chocolate Black Bean Soup:  Cup $3.99 or Bowl $4.99

A play on traditional black bean soup with a kick of cocoa, a hint of heat, and a touch of citrus, garnished with dark chocolate cilantro foam, fresh grated dark chocolate and lemon zest

Appetizers and Salads

Chocolate Flat Bread $12.99

House made flat breads topped with truffle roasted shallots, truffle oil, fresh arugula, pale ale braised coffee coco crusted pork shoulder confit, bourbon chocolate mole sauce, fresh grated parmesan, and fresh shaved dark chocolate

Chocolate and Cheese Plate $25.99

Aged Gouda, Blue Cheese, Triple Cream, and Parmesan paired with 40% cocoa, 70% cocoa, 80% cocoa, and 90% cocoa chocolate laced with roasted cocoa beans served with a dollop of bourbon chocolate butter, a toasted baguette, and hickory smoked grapes

Chocolate Trail Mix Salad $13.25

Organic mixed greens and fresh arugula tossed in a cocoa pomegranate vinaigrette topped with bourbon cocoa candied pecans, dried cranberries, grilled bell peppers, fresh pineapple chunks and pomegranate seeds topped with cocoa Cajun crusted chicken and garnished with dark chocolate shavings


Allote Chocolate Burger $16.99

Half beef and half pancetta burger seasoned with a Cajun cocoa coffee dust, topped with a chocolate stout reduction, smoked gouda,  fresh arugula tossed in lemon juice, fresh shaved dark chocolate, bourbon braised fennel and smoked paprika hazelnut dust


Fettuccine a la Cocoa $17.99

Fresh al dente fettuccine, rough cut pancetta, fresh garlic and shallots tossed in a savory dark chocolate sauce, with dark chocolate morsels,  a touch of bourbon, a touch of heat and garnished with fresh parsley and smoked sea salt


Bourbon Red Velvet Lava Cake $6.99

Do you like red velvet cake? Do you like lava cakes? Do you like Red Velvet lava cakes?!

Bourbon Chocolate Fruit Cordials $8.99

Fresh blackberries, raspberries, bing cherries and strawberries marinated in premium bourbon and covered in various cocoa levels of chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate


Chocolate infused bourbon

Nip $5.75

Three Fingers $12.00

Double Chocolate Bourbon Egg Cream $10.99

Chocolate infused bourbon, milk, chocolate syrup, vanilla extract, club soda garnished with fresh shaved milk chocolate served in a mason jar

Old Chocolatier $9.50

Chocolate infused bourbon, muddled coco sugar, orange bitters and luxardo cherries served on the rocks with a chocolate covered orange peel served in a rocks glass

Chocolate Cherry Tree $8.99

Chocolate infused bourbon, chocolate bitters, sweet vermouth, and black cherry juice chilled and garnished with a chocolate covered bing cherry, served in a martini glass

Plan B Milford

Address:  1638 Boston Post Rd.

  Milford, CT 06460

Phone:  (203) 713-8700

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