Farmboys Smokin’ BBQ Catering Bringin’ a ‘Lil Bit ‘o Memphis to CT

21 Feb

The BBQ game in Connecticut’s been smoking hot lately with new restaurants popping up like Dinosaur Bar-b-que and Bobby Q’s Pit Stop.  And, now we’ve got our own mobile BBQ catering crew:  Farmboys Smokin’ BBQ.  Pitmaster Matt Lombardo said that he was disappointed in not being able to find good Memphis style bbq in the Nutmeg State.  When we talked on the phone, he laughed, and said, “I just figured I’d do it myself, then!”  And, he’s already on the path to Southern BBQ in Connecticut.  With him on that trail is his wife Stacey and his friend Chris Sparaco.  As Chris spends more time with Matt (a licensed caterer in Darien) and business grows, Chris very well might head on out into the great yonder with his very own mobile pit to double team the state.

Speaking of pits, Farmboys Smokin’ BBQ is sportin’ a pit from a company out in Georgia.  It’s an indirect wood/charcoal smoker.  Perfect for smoking the heck out of ribs, pork, brisket, and chicken.  We were interested in what Matt thought about what made good Memphis BBQ and he told us, “With any BBQ, it’s time.  I like to think that you can taste the time that goes into the right BBQ.  Do it low and slow.  Our brisket and chuck are smoked for 18-20 hours.”

So, let’s talk a bit more about their options and what you can expect if you get them to cater your shindig.  Starting off, Matt’s a huge fan of the brisket, though he’s very partial because brisket is his favorite (us too Matt, us too).  They have also been really impressed by how great their pulled pork turned out to be.  They also have pulled chicken, pork ribs, and beef ribs to nom away on.  For sides, check out their baked beans with brown sugar & bacon, coleslaw, their cornbread, and other sides are also available upon request.  But, let’s circle back to the cornbread.  You can order it plain or with…wait for it…no, really, wait for it…bacon.  Yes, Farmboys Smokin’ BBQ throws in some diced bacon into the cornbread and they can even add in some diced jalapeño, too!  We’re so jonesin’ for some of that now, you have no idea.  They’ll also be throwin’ down with pig roasts, yes sir-eeee Bob.  For just $20 per person (with a minimum of 50 people), you’ll get a whole hog cooked low and slow on the smoker, homemade coleslaw, and their baked beans with brown sugar & bacon.

Now, while Matt believes in the pure essence of the rub, he is still providing you with two homemade sauces.  One is his Kansas City Sweet BBQ and the other is his Carolina Vinegar sauce for the pork.  As business grows, Matt and co. plan to expand the sauces, maybe taking things down to Texas and spicing it up!  Another sweet (and liquory pairing) might just happen, too:  his cousin owns Sinful Scoops…an adult ice cream company.  Adult as in all liquor’d up!  He thinks a Peach Cobbler infusion ice cream would be wicked.

Keep up to date with them on Facebook and Twitter to see where they’re at and if they have anything special going on.  For example, if you book with them before March 1, you’ll get 10% off your order.  Score!  They plan to be at different public events throughout the state and are exploring some other options, too.  If you’re wondering how far they’ll go to cater, Matt gave us this basic rule:  he’s based in Danbury and his kitchen is in Darien.  So, anywhere 20-40 miles in that radius is prime Farmboys Smokin’ BBQ country.  Ya dig? 

E-mail  or phone them @ (203) 788-9772 for more info or to set up a reservation.

25 Responses to “Farmboys Smokin’ BBQ Catering Bringin’ a ‘Lil Bit ‘o Memphis to CT”

  1. uhcowboys March 22, 2013 at 9:25 am #

    I’m sure this has been thought of but these guys should connect with the Two Roads Folks…seems like a match made in Beer-b-que heaven


  2. uhcowboys February 21, 2013 at 8:34 pm #

    Wow this seems awesome…I freakin love BBQ…went to a BBQ fest a few years ago in Troy, NY called the Troy Pig Out and some ppl literally had plain white t-shirts that they wore and used as their napkins…just cleaning their hands off on their own shirts. It was awesome and gross all at the same time.

    Also, this has parked outside Two Roads Brewing Company written all over it


    • Dan and Kristien Del Ferraro February 21, 2013 at 8:47 pm #

      Love that! White t shirt as a napkin! Hehe. So, you are totally right…they need to hit up Two Roads! How you been?



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