Chili Challenge for a Cause Heats up Branford

22 Feb



It’s a scientifically proven fact that chili makes the world a better place.  In the case of Branford, that’s even more true.  Chili is bringing the community together with the first annual Chili Challenge for a Cause event.  Restaurant owners, chefs, organizations, and locals are all putting together their killer concoctions in hope of winning the title of “Best Chili in Branford” but also getting some serious dough for their own charity.  Susan at the Chamber of Commerce told us that she can still add some chefs to the contest, so if you’re in, e-mail her.

On March 23 from noon to 3 pm you need to hit up Branford Green on Main Street to be a part of the action.  For $10 you’ll get a wristband that lets you taste as much chili as you can take.  You’ll also be given a ballot which you’ll use to vote in your favorite chili!

We have been to a chili event like this before and we had a real blast.  You should definitely try to get over to Branford and check out this great event.  You’ll have lots of fun, eat some great chili, and you’ll also be helping out someone’s favorite charity.  Seems like a done deal, huh?

Just a note, Living Social has a deal going for the next 5 days for Chili Challenge for a Cause:  you get 2 tickets, 2 ballots, two bottles of water, and two tote bags for just $10.  That’s a savings of 50%.  If you’re reading this after the deal has expired, don’t worry.  You can register by clicking here.  Also, you can buy your tickets at the event.

Chili Challenge for a Cause

3/23 from noon to 3 pm

$10 per person

Branford Green

Main Street

Branford, CT

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