3 Big Restaurant Giveaways from New England Culinary Group

2 Mar

Eating Greenwich and Port Chester 2013

Some contests have crazy rules such as:

  • taking blood from your first-born as the moon is in perigee during an odd month.
  • balancing on one foot while goats attack you as you try to click through and enter.
  • or watching a video about how seahorses give birth (what does that have to do with anything?) then finally getting a chance to win.

Well, this contest that New England Culinary Group (they created Eating Greenwich & Port Chester) is putting on is pretty darn easy.  Just like their FB page and you’ll be automatically entered into a contest to win one of three great restaurant prizes.  The contest ends by March 7, so you’ll need to get on that right now!  Would you like to know what the prizes are?

Hmm?  Can’t hear you!  Okay, okay, that’s a bit rough, calm down…we’ll share:

1st Place

Brunch for two at Ginger Man Greenwich (doesn’t include liquor)

AND a box of Chocolate Lab Truffles from The Chocolate Lab at J House

AND 1 Magnum Bottle of San Pellegrino to wash everything down with

2nd Place

$50 gift card for China White in Purchase (Greenwich will be open pretty soon, be patient)

3rd Place

$50 gift card for Bistro Latino.

Don’t forget to check out Eating Greenwich and Port Chester, starting this Sunday!  Lots of great restaurants involved, lots of great deals, and don’t forget that you’ll get those kickback certificates, too, to keep the fun going.

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