Like Us? Vote For Us! Vote Best Local Blog + Twitterer in Weekly Best of Fairfield County 2013

3 Mar

It’s that time of year again…yup, the time to vote for your favorites in shopping, entertainment, food, restaurants, media, and more in the Weekly Best of Fairfield County Reader’s Poll 2013 contest.

If you’ve spent the last year lovin’ the delicious goodness we’ve bestowed upon you, then here’s your chance to show us your love. Here’s how: register here then head on over to the Media & Education category. See the place to vote for Best Local Blog and Best Twitterer? Yeah, you can just go right ahead, click on those, scroll on down to OmNomCT and select us to help us win!

And don’t forget, your local favorite restaurants need your help too, so make sure to vote in Best American, Best Chef, Best New Restaurant, Best Hot Dogs, Best Burgers, and tons more.  Make sure to have at least 10 votes then when you’re ready, click Finalize My Ballot.  

The voting is now live and goes until 11:59 EST on March 24, 2013. One vote per person, so if you can clone yourself that would really help. Unless they would consider a clone the same person…hmmm…

So, be sure to get on that and vote for your faves (that means us too, yay):

Thanks (as always) for your support!! You guys rock!

Here are all the rules for the contest…


It’s winter. And each winter we ask our readers to tell us about the best bars, restaurants, salons, mechanics, clothing stores, and a ton of other awesome stuff in Fairfield County. We’ve been doing the Weekly‘s annual Best of Fairfield County Readers’ Poll for decades now and there are still annual surprises. Last year, readers cast more votes than ever before. We’re hoping to break that record again this year. We’ve added a number of new categories. (Best Donuts, Best Scotch Selection, Best Pickles and more!) And we’re counting on you to point us to the best. Thanks for taking the time to vote, and thanks, as always, for reading.

How it works

How To Vote:

1) Fill in the information in the voter registration box to the left, then click “Vote” in order to begin.

2) After you have registered, you will be taken to the voting page. Select a section (Bars & Clubs, Restaurants, etc.) and vote in whatever categories you choose. Popular choices are provided in a drop-down menu. You may write in a new choice by selecting the “Write in a new choice” option in the drop-down. Please check to see if your choice already exists in the drop-down menu before entering a write-in vote.

3) Do not vote for a business in a category for which it does not apply. These votes will not be counted.

4) You have the option of leaving a comment along with any or all of your votes. Comments are optional. We’ll use some of your comments when we put together our Best of Fairfield County Winners’ issue later this year!

5) When you have entered your votes in any section, hit the “Submit and Continue” button to move to the next section. Once you have hit this button, you can no longer go back, so make sure you are done voting in that section. You must hit “Submit and Continue” in order for your votes to be counted. You can skip sections if you wish.

6) When you are all done voting, hit the “Finalize Ballot” button. This will submit your ballot to us. Make sure you are satisfied with your choices before finalizing the ballot.

7) You must vote in 10 categories before you can submit your ballot.
Voting Rules:

1) One ballot per person.

2) Online ballots must be submitted by 11:59pm EST on March 24th, 2013. After this time voting will be closed.

3) While campaigning for Best Of honors is fair game, inducing your fans or patrons to vote through anything that might be constructed as a payoff could result in your disqualification. Asking for votes: fine. Giving someone ANYTHING in exchange for their vote: not fine, as it taints the vote.

4) If it looks like any company is stuffing the ballots we toss all your entries.

5) We only count ballots from this website and paper ballots from the Fairfield County Weekly. If you prefer to submit a paper ballot, one can be found inside this week’s Fairfield County Weeklynewspaper. You may not submit a paper ballot and an online ballot.

Those are the rules. Trust us, we’re tough!

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