Are You and the Fam Party Masters? Wanna Show off, Be on TV, and Win Some Big $? Casting Call!

4 Mar
Just some of the reality show clients from Twin Talents

Just some of the reality show clients from Twin Talents


There’s another new TV show for a major network (we can’t say which) that is casting here in the Greater Stamford/Connecticut are and it’s called “Party Masters.”  While this might not be the final name of the show, the spirit of the show fits in well with the name.  They are looking for families that love to throw parties.  The winning family will be pitted against another winning family to see who can throw the most awesome party in the world!  To beef it up and add some incentive, they are giving each family $50,000 so they can really throw a party to remember.  You might be a great family to enter if:

1) You throw parties that somehow end up on YouTube and become viral hits.

2) You throw wild surprise parties that last all night or for days.

3) You go hog wild at your backyard bbqs and they become legen…wait for it…dary.

4) Your theme nights are so intricate and involved that people forget that they aren’t in the Roaring 20’s or that they really aren’t mobsters.

When the two families are picked they’ll create their parties and will be judged by a very special celebrity hostess.  Oooh, who do you think that could be?  We also know that the families might receive a little extra party help from more celebrities along the way.  So, does your family want a shot at fame and getting $50,000 for the party of the century?  Follow these steps:

Send an e-mail to

Include your names, occupations, ages of all family members, where you live, your telephone, photos of your family, and explain why you think your family would be perfect for the show.  The more info that you give the casting agents, the better.  The casting call is open now and will be pretty short, so make sure you get on this and don’t wait around.

Lots of luck everybody!

Dan and Kristien


2 Responses to “Are You and the Fam Party Masters? Wanna Show off, Be on TV, and Win Some Big $? Casting Call!”

  1. talkavino March 4, 2013 at 6:40 pm #

    That it really cool! But we don’t throw youtube-worth parties… Are you guys applying?


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