The Momma’s Boy Cook-off: Moms Battle Their Famous Local Chef Sons

8 Mar

Momma's Boy invite


Aww, mother and son.  The love and the bond between both is inseparable and is stronger than that guy in a hardhat who is glued to the beam in that Krazy Glue commercial.  Ah, yes, mother and son.  While we could wax poetic about the bond more, we’ll leave it to Woman to Woman Magazine.  They recently published an article written by Linda Kavanagh about five chefs and how their moms influenced their careers.  As an outgrowth of this great article, there is going to be a contest between mom and son to see who’s best.  Well, we don’t dare take sides.  If we say mom will do best, the chefs will be mad at us, but if we say the chefs will do better then we’ll get yelled at in strange languages and/or hit with spoons, pizza servers, or sandals by the moms.  Really, you can’t win…oh, but you do win at The Momma’s Boy Cook-off because you get to sample all the food that the chefs and their moms are making, get some recipe ideas, and even do some schmoozing.  Here are the contestants and all the info:

Thursday, April 11 @ 6 PM at Aitoro of Norwalk

$40 per ticket, advanced purchase only

  • Chef Pat Pascarella of Bar Sugo faces off against his mother, Gina Pascarella.
  • The Singing Chef, Neil Fuentes (also a spokesperson for Sabra Hummus) tries to out-cook his Italian mother-in-law, Dee DiCrosta.
  • Chef Biagio “Gino” Riccio of Quattro Pazzi/Osianna/BOCA goes up against his Greek mother-in-law, Anna Giapoutzis.
  • Chef Kausik Roy of Tawa will be fighting for bragging rights against his mom, Shibani Roy.
  • And, finally, we have Chef Michael Marchetti of Columbus Park Trattoria/Applausi Osteria/Tarantino Osteria who must somehow go against Marie Marchetti who is well known for her awesome handmade pasta.

Anybody care to take bets?  Who do you think will win in each battle?

The Momma’s Boy Cook-off

4/11 at 6 PM

$40 per person


401 Westport Avenue

Norwalk, CT 06851

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