The Local Meatball Food Cart Rolls into Fairfield w/ Locally Sourced Balls

9 Mar

Update: The Local Meatball is now open.  Check out our review! 

January 23:  National Pie Day (shouldn’t that be 3/14, right math geeks?)

February 9:  National Pizza Day

February 15:  National I Want Butterscotch Day

March 17:  National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day

Ah, the holidays and special days of the year that are near and dear to our cholesterol-sodden hearts!  And, did you know that today is National Meatball Day?  Well, why not celebrate this joyous occasion with a major announcement?

Starting on April 6 20, the people of Fairfield will have their own supply of serious balls.  That’s because The Local Meatball food cart will be plopping down and serving up some seriously delicious meatballs in Fairfield at places like the train station and the green.  Really, who doesn’t love meatballs?  And, who doesn’t love meatballs that are sourced locally?  The meat is supplied by Saugatuck Craft Butchery, the bread is from Il Forno Bakery, the ricotta is from Calabro, and the eggs come from The Farmers Cow.  In terms of meatball options, here we go:

Pick your form:

On a roll or in a bowl

Pick your size:

Smashed slider w/ 1 ball (child size)

Average Joe w/ 2 balls (…Are better than 1)

Grinder w/ 3 balls (7″ of Meatball Heaven)

Pick your balls:

SERIOUS:  Made with the finest local beef, local ingredients and out of this world sauce.  These flavorful balls are our version of the classic.  This is their classic, always available meatball.  The rest on the list are specials…

KICK IN DA:  Made with the best tender local pork around, these have just the right kick.  Served in a chunky, spicy sauce, they’re a win-win.

IN THE BUFF:  Fresh ground chicken and our own buffalo sauce–these are the perfect combination of tremendous flavor.

HONEY’S:  Honey BBQ sauce from a local favorite and a pork ball…who needs ribs when you’ve got balls?

JEWELS:  These leave nothing to be desired. Made with delicious ground beef, bacon and melted cheddar cheese. They’re true jewels.

The balls come from owner and operator Michael DiStassio and the recipe has been passed down from his grandmother.  So, you best believe these are going to be some majorly good balls.  Not only will Michael and his The Local Meatball cart hit up the streets, but you’ll also be able to hire the cart out for parties, festivals, office lunches, and special events.  Go ahead and give him a call at (203) 258-6317.

Make sure you follow them on Facebook and Twitter so you can keep up to date with what’s going on and where they’ll be appearing!

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