Ultimate Adventurous Dining Experience Dishcrawl Expands into Greenwich

2 Apr

Back in January, we told you about Dishcrawl starting up in New Haven.   We’re very excited to share that the same awesome experience is coming to Fairfield County in Greenwich.   Here’s the premise:

  • You buy a ticket for a “Dishcrawl” of four restaurants
  • 48 hours before the event you find out where you’re meeting
  • The rest of the Dishcrawl will be a surprise!
    • If that’s too much to handle, follow @dishcrawlgre or check them on FB for little hints
  • You try dishes at each restaurant
    • If you’re vegetarian, let Jesse Leeds-Grant, the Greenwich Dishcrawl Ambassador know at jessel@dishcrawl.com
  • You get to talk with chefs and owners
  • You learn new fun things and meet great new people
  • You eat so well that you begin to crawl.

The inaugural event is coming up on May 8 at 7 pm and promises to be a great event to do by yourself, with a spouse, or even some friends.  Tickets are just $45 and there are only 25 of them.  Those will sell out fast, so you’re definitely going to want to scoop them up fast.  We really love the fun of this and did something similar in Portland and Seattle when we went on food tours.  They wouldn’t tell us where we were going until we met right on the spot.  What transpired soon after was a fun and awesome experience that we haven’t forgotten.  We have the feeling with Dishcrawl Greenwich that it’s going to be just as awesome!

So, what do you think?  Have you done something similar to this?  Do you like the element of surprise and adventure?

4 Responses to “Ultimate Adventurous Dining Experience Dishcrawl Expands into Greenwich”


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