Dishing out Compassion: Community Plates Now Rescuing Food in New Haven

10 Apr

Community Plates started January 2011 in Norwalk, rescuing food from restaurants, bakeries, and grocery stores that would otherwise hit a landfill.  Then, from there, volunteers would deliver the food to local shelters and food kitchens throughout Fairfield County.  As time went on, the restaurants and stores started to add up, so did the food collected, and so did the volunteers.

The Community Plates mission only grew from there, with them expanding their food rescuing through volunteerism into Columbus, Ohio and Albuquerque, New Mexico.   Getting food onto the plates of the hungry is no easy feat, but the GoRescue app that they developed has made it easier.  In fact, in under two years, they have rescued over one million meals that were transferred to over 300 volunteer drivers who then delivered them to over 40 receiving agencies.  Now New Haven is on board, too, helping the food insecure.  Executive Director Kevin Mullins explains why New Haven was an ideal location:  “We selected New Haven as our next launch site due to the high incidence of food insecurity and proximity to our headquarters in Fairfield County, but those were not the only reasons.  We are about communities helping their own communities, and New Haven has a rich tradition in grassroots organizations which is critical in this first phase as we sign up volunteer food runners, food donors and receiving agencies.  We just knew this was the right place.”

Community Plates New Haven will be led by Site Director Kala Cuerington.  Kala is no newcomer to helping others or to New Haven, though.  She has worked at Food Corps, helps out Common Ground’s School Resource Center, and is chair of the New Haven Food Policy Council’s School Food Working Group.

The plan is to start rescuing food by the end of April.  To do that, they are going to need restaurants and stores to jump on board with their mission.  Also, they will need people to pick up food and deliver it.  If you would like to get involved in this amazingly meaningful experience, please check out the Community Plates site.  And, even if you don’t live in New Haven, you can still get involved here in Fairfield County or there other locations, too!

Congratulations once again to Community Plates and to all the volunteers who make it great.  Let’s come together as a community, again, and make a change…one plate at a time.


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