Help Weed out Hunger at Stamford Museum + Nature Center for Earth Day

13 Apr

Garlic mustard takes over, but not for long… (photo from SM&NC)

To celebrate Earth Day, Stamford Museum & Nature Center (only one of our most favoritest places ever) is doing something a bit different.  Just a day before Earth Day, on April 21 from 9 am – 12:30 pm, volunteers will join in for the first ever Garlic Mustard Pull.  See, guess some people in the 1860s thought it’d be cool to bring over some garlic mustard to North America.  They would eat it and would even use it as medicine.  Guess they didn’t realize, though, it would take over this continent like The Beatles or, better yet, One Direction or Justin Bieber.  According to SM&NC, if nothing is done about the garlic mustard, it will basically choke out other life in forests and nature, dominating and decimating the biodiversity of our land.

Volunteers will pull up the garlic mustard that’s found throughout SM&NC and it will be collected.  By the end of the day, the garlic mustard leaves will be donated to local food banks, helping to feed the hungry.  The staff encourage you, also, to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy after you’ve rid SM&NC of these invasive pests.  Anybody 11 or older can volunteer, but if you’re 11-14 you’ll need to have an adult with you.  Eat for Equity Stamford has already stepped up, pledging to help.  How ’bout you?  Also, SM&NC is looking for team captains to help oversee the pulling.  Please contact Cathryn Oulighan by April 17 by calling her  at  (203) 977-6530 or e-mailing her at

Who’da thunk that pulling up annoying plants could make a place look better and also help feed the food insecure?

Stamford Museum and Nature Center

39 Scofieldtown Road

Stamford, CT 06903

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