Help Save King’s Kitchen Beach Shack of Southport Beach!

19 Apr

King’s Kitchen, pic from the Fundrazr account

Hunter King couldn’t have been happier.  King’s Kitchen Beach Shack became one of the best places to get food in Fairfield last summer.  It certainly didn’t hurt that it was right on Southport Beach, either.  Or, it didn’t hurt that Hunter was serving up farm to table food that he got straight from local farmers’ markets.  But, all of that success and hard work got washed away when Hurricane Sandy came along…literally.  The shack was carried by a wave over Pequot Avenue and even almost fell into the Sasco Creek.  Luckily, Hunter was able to recover the shack and the interior is now in perfect shape, but there’s a major problem ahead for King’s Kitchen, a 1950’s landmark.  There are new rules and regulations set up in Fairfield and that means that King’s Kitchen will need $35,000-$45,000 worth of work so that it can be up to code.  Hunter already put in $30,000 worth of work last year to get King’s Kitchen set and ready to go, so you could understand that he’s in quite a bind now.
Hunter set up a fundraising account on GoGetFunding where people could help out any way they could.  He is looking to raise $55,000 by August 19 and already has $50 shortly after just starting the fundraising.  While, as a single person, you might not be able to give much to help King’s Kitchen, when the community bands together we can see enormous gains.  For example, in 2009, 57,578 people lived in Fairfield, so just $1 each would save Hunter’s dream.  So, if you’ve been to King’s Kitchen and loved it, if you support local food, or if you just want to help out, think about giving what you can to help keep King’s Kitchen in business.
Best wishes in fundraising and starting the dream over,
Dan and Kristien

King's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

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