Author of Chefs Can Save the World and Michel Nischan to Give Free Talk in Westport

29 Apr

We just saw this posted and knew that we had to share it even though it’s going on tomorrow.  The event is “Chefs in Conversation, Catalysts for Change” and it’s part of the Greens Farms Academy Coyle Visiting Scholar Program.  Featured will be a dialogue between two chefs who both believe that restaurants hold great power in changing our country.  First off, we have Jeremy Barlow who started Nashville’s first “green” restaurant, Tayst.  Now he has started up another restaurant, but in a totally different vein:  Sloco sandwich shop!  At Sloco, Jeremy’s serving up local and sustainable food, keeping it affordable, and is giving back to the community.  His restaurant and sales support the local schools and local food organizations, helping to keep Nashville  thriving and active.

Presenting with him will be Michel Nischan, no stranger to Nutmuggers.  Not only did Michel begin The Dressing Room in Westport which has had a do-it-yourself and farm-to-table mentality far before others caught on, he’s also an amazing change maker in the world.  He worked together with Whole Foods to ensure their seafood would be sustainable, renewable, and wouldn’t harm the ocean.  He’s the CEO of Wholesome Wave, which fights every day to bring balance and equity to cities and towns across the country that are in need of healthier and closer-to-the-farm food options.  And, he and other Wholesome Wavers have gone to bat for us, helping bring about some major changes through passing of bills.

You’ll be able to see both of these culinary and humanitarian visionaries on April 30, 2013 at 8 pm.  They’ll be in the Bedford Gym on the Greens Farms Academy Campus.  The event is free and anyone can attend.  Just on a personal note, we’ve met Michel a few times and we can easily say that you’ll probably never meet a nicer or more humble person.  For the amount of amazing good he has done in the world, he still remains grounded.  Grounded…that’s just the perfect word…

“Chefs in Conversation, Catalysts for Change”

4/30 at 8 pm

Greens Farms Academy

Bedford Gym

32 Beachside Avenue

Westport, CT

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