Sam from Craft Butchery, CTMQ, + more to talk at Ignite Stamford #2

2 May

Ignite Stamford #2 is just around the corner on May 9 at 7 pm at the Stamford Innovation Center.  If you’ve been following us for a bit, you might remember that we were one of the speakers at the first event. We really had a blast speaking and loved hearing other people’s stories, too. Here’s how Ignite Stamford works:

  • Speakers will create 20 slides
  • Each slide auto advances ever 15 seconds, making up five quick minutes
  • Any topic is fair game (see the last speaker’s ideas)
  • Stick to the motto: Enlighten us but keep it short

Here are the speakers with their topics and pics from the Ignite Stamford blog.  Check out the full details of the speakers by visiting the Ignite Stamford site.  And, make sure to get your tickets ($11.54) before they are sold out! We’ve put in descriptions of our Twiend (Twitter friend) Kristen, Sam Garwin from Saugatuck Craft Butchery, and CT’s favorite blogger, Steve Wood from Connecticut Museum Quest (he also writes about CT beer, food, and wine).

Christopher Brechlin, “Hobbies Or Obsessions? Depends on Who You Ask”

Kristen Domonell, “Finding Your Om”

Kristen Domonell is a writer and web editor living, working, and playing in Fairfield County. Interested in all things health, she is a regular contributor to and She spends her free time in down dog, running, traveling, or daydreaming about traveling. Follow her on Twitter @kdomonell.

John Follis, “How Do You Define Success?”

Sam Garwin, “Whole Animal Butchery and the Ethical Omnivore”
Sam Garwin left a career in software product management to pursue her love of food and adventure. After a brief stint processing cocoa beans in Belize, Sam found her way to Craft Butchery as an apprentice; today she splits her time between butchering and advocating for local, sustainable eating.

Holly Hurd – “Five Things Successful VentureMoms Have in Common”

Frank Mercede, “ADA Compliance in Stamford”
Justin Proffitt, “What Goes Into A Great Commercial”
Patricia Rattray, “Sound Real Estate Analysis vs. Sound Dating”
Nia Rhodes-Jackson, “Mill River Park: It’s Our Park”
Lena West, “The Gift of Asking”
Steve Wood, “Too Much Nutmeg is Never Enough”

Steve Wood is a professional researcher and writer for the insurance and financial industries and an amateur researcher and writer about everything in Connecticut.  He strongly believes in deep travel rife with observational humor and well-crafted narratives about the people, places and things in which you never knew you’d be so interested. Follow him on Twitter @CTMQ.

Krishna Sampath, “I Will Teach You to Program in 5 Minutes”
Ignite Stamford #2
May 9 at 7 pm
$11.54 (with the processing fee)
Stamford Innovation Center

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