Graze Delivers the Farm to Your Fridge to Your Table

3 May

Processed and passionless food.  Tight aisles.  Fumbling for coupons.  People who won’t move out of your way.  Finding the right aisle for your special ingredient.  Horrible music. Old ladies writing checks in the express lane.  These are just some of the reasons we haven’t looked back since switching over to grocery delivery several years ago.  We just feel so much more centered and can use that extra time to catch up on our DVR shows.  Ya know: Bones, The Walking Dead, How I Met Your Mother, L & O SVU, and Big Bang Theory ain’t gonna watch themselves!

So, you could imagine when Vermont based Graze contacted us with promises of a complementary delivery of their farm food for a week, we were game.  The process of how this happens is very interesting. Will (or whoever is available) drives bins of food (that have been organized by order) from Vermont to their Norwalk location.  From there, drivers deliver the orders on to happy homes throughout Fairfield County on Monday between 2-7 am, ready for you before you leave for work.  When they see you next, they’ll collect your bin, so no cardboard box waste anymore!

Look how nicely everything is packaged

Look how nicely everything is packaged

For our delivery we received a skillet meal, half & half, raisin bread, quinoa salad, turkey lunch meat snacks, farm fresh jumbo eggs, a yogurt, and a meal for the kids.

Our first taste was the Cinnamon Raisin bread from Klinger’s for a weekday breakfast. Oh yeah, that was killer good! So fresh and raisiney!  And for a weekend breakfast we made two sunny side up eggs for Kristien, two medium for Dan and paired that with waffles and a killer Skillet (a restaurant in Seattle) bacon jam that we scored from Fairfield Cheese Company.  It was immediately clear how fresh the eggs were.  The yolks were brighter, but there was also more flavor

The before of the skillet meal, directions included

The before of the skillet meal, directions included

For lunch, Kristien hoarded the quinoa salad which was excellent. Light and refreshing with cucumber and lemon.  Lucky Dan got to try a little bit left over from her lunch and he agrees…excellent.  By the way, quinoa is an excellent protein source, especially powerful if you’re vegetarian.

The skillet meal

The skillet meal

And for dinner, the skillet meal was a nice and easy meal for us.  It came with fresh cut veggies, ground turkey, farfalle, and some grated parm to finish things off.  If you’re looking for a good meal that doesn’t pack in too many calories, this is a good choice.  By the time we were eating it, we realized that it would have been better for us if we had used a sauce with the meal such as a pesto.  The kid’s meal (of chicken and broccoli) was also a good base for us creating our own stir fry dish on another night.

And, for snacks, we enjoyed the little turkey lunch meat slices and Kristien nomed away at the creamy yogurt.

If you’d like to try them out for delivery, make sure to visit the Graze page.  When you’re hooked on Graze, refer a friend and get $10.  They also have two CSA options (10 or 16 weeks) available that gives you some choice in what you receive, so you don’t need to accept 2,000 lbs. of kale anymore.  We keed, we keed.  You can hold the delivery for two weeks too if you’re on vacation…they are so smart.

Prices might be more expensive than heading to your Stop & Shop or A&P, but they are pretty comparable to shops such as Whole Foods and Fairway that serve quality, organic, and farm fresh ingredients.  Also, delivery is FREE!  And we especially like that they have a nice variety of healthy, pre-made, or easy to make dishes for busy families or couples. Delivery is easy too and you can rest comfortably knowing they did all the hard work for you.  All you’ll have to do is just cook up a storm!

Thanks again to Graze for letting us try out the food for a week.  If you’re looking for food delivery options of healthy, pure, and from-the-farm food, Graze definitely should be at the top of your list.

4 Responses to “Graze Delivers the Farm to Your Fridge to Your Table”

  1. Tammy at 10:29 am #

    What a nice variety. My vegetable CSA lets me do meat, cheese or bread add-ons but I love the idea of a salad delivered!



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