Go Down Home at Hash House a Go Go at Mohegan Sun

6 May

Adam Richman signs Hash House a Go Go sign

“Is that a meal or a monument?” Dan’s friend Adam asked on Facebook.

Biscuits at Hash House a Go Go in Mohegan SunHe was referring to a pic of the legendary Sage Fried Chicken and Waffles dish at Hash House a Go Go, newly opened in Mohegan Sun.  This dish is famous because the redonkulously amazing Adam Richman of Man vs. Food tasted and loved its epicness at their Las Vegas spot.  You know if Adam Richman put all other chicken and waffles on notice, it has to be good.  So, we did like any other brave and upstanding American would do…we pigged out and got down and dirty.

Spiked Kiwi Watermelon Lemonade

Spiked Kiwi Watermelon Lemonade

Our first piece of business was checking out the drink options.  While they don’t have any beers on tap, they do have a decent selection of the classics and some craft beer choices by the can and bottle.  Also, there are some wine choices, but their mixed drinks menu is what really shines.  The two drinks that stood out to us were the beautiful Spiked Kiwi Watermelon Lemonade that Dan ordered and the perfectly balanced Champagne Supernova that Kristien drank.  Dan’s was a great balance of sweet, herby, and tart with just the right amount of liquor.  Kristien’s was also nicely balanced with a mixture of two different champagnes, Riesling, mint, lemonade and sugar cane.

Corned beef and hash meal at Hash House a Go Go in Mohegan Sun CTNext was the meal.  The slogan at Hash House a Go Go is “Twisted Farm Food.”  Think fresh rustic and hearty food, put together from scratch (in most cases), and kicked up a few levels.  Note that it’s “farm food” not “farm-to-table” which is quite different. Immediately, Kristien was drawn to the corned beef and hash that came with a giant biscuit. When it arrived, we knew we were in for trouble.  The plate was huge which prompted her to say, “It’s funny.  Most restaurants are sizing down the meals to make tapas, but here they’re putting the entire meal on one plate with no need for an appetizer.”  An interesting twist for sure! Getting down to it, the corned beef was very delicate and was obviously treated with great care.  It flaked off gently, was moist, and had great flavor. The hash was cooked nice and crispy and was also very flavorful.

Chicken and bacon infused waffles at Hash House a Go Go in Mohegan Sun CTThen, Dan got his tower of a meal.  We’re talking two big pieces of fried chicken, served atop four bacon-infused waffles with some syrup on the side for dipping/pouring.  The chicken skin was crispy, crunchy, and kept the chicken inside really juicy.  This was a great contrast to the light and fluffy nature of the waffles…perhaps some of the lightest that he’s had.  Then, the smokiness of the bacon added that other complex flavor to this dish that made it oh so great.  We’d take a little bit of chicken, some waffle with a piece of the bacon, then dip it in the syrup.  Ooooooooooooh.  Major Harry Met Sally moments. Our only disappointment, though, was that the syrup that was served was not maple syrup…it was just syrup.  It’s a shame because all the other ingredients from that plate were made from scratch and prepared to order, plus they had that whole farm food positioning.  Okay, yes, we’re maple syrup snobs, but once you’ve had the real deal you can’t go back to the fake stuff.

All around, we had a nice, hearty meal right before we saw Muse (in our top five concerts of all all time , btw).  Yeah, we’re bragging a bit.  We’d like to note that the lines for Pepe’s and Bobby’s Burger Palace were huge and required very long waits, but there was very little waiting here.  So if you’re at Mohegan and looking for something different check out Hash House a Go Go.  Good  food, huge portions, and good prices.

We’d also like to thank Mohegan Sun for giving us a gift card…we definitely put it to good use by coming here.

Hash House a Go Go

Cost:  $$$

Noms: 3.5

Address:  1 Mohegan Sun Blvd.

Montville, CT

Phone: (860) 862-4646

Hash House A Go Go on Urbanspoon

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