Darien Will Soon Have Balls: Meatball and Co. Opening Soon!

15 May

Darien has definitely been shaping up as a culinary destination with the recent additions of Estia’s American and Bodega, as well as the solid Scena Wine Bar & Restaurant.  And, it’s about to become even better sometime near the end of May or the beginning of June when Joe Criscuolo opens up Meatball & Co. at 23 Tokeneke Road.    We’ll get to the food in a sec, but first some background info on Joe.  Joe and Matt own and operate Pizza Post in Greenwich that’s putting out some awesome pies (we had a Clams Casino on Saturday that was killer) and food.  They make their own meatballs and sausage and they are BYOB.  Joe and Matt took over the shop from their father who started Pizza Post  in ’72.  And, now Joe’s giving the reigns over to his brother Matt as he starts his own business which has always been a dream of his.

Okay, that’s enough background…we know, you want the details.

Why Meatballs?

Joe had been thinking of starting his own restaurant for quite a while and always wanted to do something different.  He was particularly inspired after visiting The Meatball Shop in NYC and seeing what they were doing.  “The area is super-saturated with pizza places, so I wanted my restaurant to be accessible to all and to be different,” Joe told us.  “I wanted to feature comfort food, and I wanted it to be great.  And, the meatball is such a great vehicle to present with.  You can really do anything with them, from veal piccata, to Asian inspired, to sausage and brocoli rabe, and more.”

The Meatballs

Joe will be featuring four kinds of balls on the menu:

1) A beef and pork mixture

2) Chicken

3) Spicy pork

4) Vegetarian (eggplant, zucchini, and other veggies)

5) The Special

Regarding The Special:  Joe will be visiting the local farmers’ markets to see what’s new, what’s fresh, and what’s in season.  Also, he’s thinking of highlighting seasonal flavors such as a chicken wing meatball for football time or a savory and sweet Thanksgiving meatball.

You’ll be able to order your meatballs in a bowl, as a slider, in a roll, or as a hero.  It all depends on how hungry you are and what you’re in the mood for.  If you order a bowl, you can get them over one of the sides, maybe over a salad, or have the side on the…er…side.  Speaking of sides…

The Sides + Desserts

Side dishes will be market driven, depending on what’s fresh and what’s available.  Joe really wants to focus in on local veggies, specifically.  In addition, Joe will be creating a risotto of the day, again depending on what’s local and seasonal.  For dessert you can expect root beer floats, a special dessert of the day, and an ice cream sandwich made with homemade cookies.  How homemade?  These are made by Joe’s wife Caterina and will provide that perfect crunch and contrast to the scoop of ice cream nestled between the sandwich.

Final Thoughts

Darien definitely will benefit from a nice, relaxed, un-complex-complicated-fancy dining spot.  Look, it’s meatballs.  It doesn’t get more chill than that.  But, as Joe told us, they’re an amazing platform in creating fun and flavorful dishes of whatever style and using creative and unexpected ingredients.  Foie gras meatball?  Sure, why not?  There will be plenty of room, too, with enough seating for 28 inside and 12 for the outside patio.  Joe will be focusing on local beers, already interested in getting some Half Full, and will also provide a small wine list.  Again, you can expect them to open sometime around the end of May or the start of June.

Follow us on Twitter and FB for updates and make sure to like Meatball & Co.. on Facebook, too.  If you’re looking for a job slinging meatballs, call them up!  Also, we’d like to thank

Meatball & Co.

Address:  23 Tokeneke Road

Darien, CT

Phone:  (203) 979-0909

Meatball & Co. on Urbanspoon

8 Responses to “Darien Will Soon Have Balls: Meatball and Co. Opening Soon!”

  1. gdog June 20, 2013 at 2:22 pm #

    I’ve been there twice already.Wow! Before this opened I wondered what you could do with a meatball. As it turns out – plenty. Chicken, meat, vegetable, pork, and all kinds of daily specials. Different sauces, a daily risotto, great polenta, a great selection of beer and sides – goes on and on. This is not fast food – this is quality stuff prepared by Joe, the chef and owner, a CIA grad. Staff is young, friendly, and enthusiastic. Everything I had was amazing. Do not miss out…



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