1 year anniversary party at Bridge St. Wienery to include hot dog eating contest, music, and more

30 May

Has it been a year already?  A year of people stuffing Bridge St. Wienery hot dogs into their gullets, downing shakes, chomping away on fries, and noming on burgers.  Om nom nom nom.  If you’re not familiar with Bridge Street Wienery, definitely check out our review (“Get Thee to Bridge Street Wienery“) that made us break out into iambic pentameter.  And, after reading that and you’re not inspired, we’re sorry…there’s no hope for you. :P   So, if you’ve never been or if you’re a die-hard wiener-ite, you’ll want to visit them on Saturday, June 15.

First of all, there will be cotton candy, popcorn, and music all day to go with your grilled goodies.  Secondly, witness the mayhem and devout-gorging of a hot dog eating contest between Stamford Police and Stamford firefighters starting at 12:15.  Who do you think has the advantage here?  We’re going with the firefighters…it just seems like they could do it because they can withstand the fires of hell.  Whichever team wins gets a big honor and award:  the charity of their choice gets 15% of the profits from all sales that Saturday!  Plus they get bragging rights.

So, come out and support Bridge Street Wienery, your local heroes, and make a big difference by pigging out.  Om nom nom.

Bridge Street Wienery
Noms: 4.0
Cost: $$
Address: 17 Bridge Street
                 Stamford, CT
Phone:  (203) 569-4990
Hours:  Monday-Saturday, 11 am – 9 pm
Sunday, 11:30 am – 8 pm

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