Eat ice cream and help your furry friends too at Bliss in Cos Cob

30 May
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We haven’t even entered the dog days of summer yet and it’s already redonkulously hot.  90 degrees and we’re not even in June yet?  Psshaww.  Well, look any good Nutmegger, you’ve learned how to deal with the heat.  You get to the pool, you hang out where the air-conditioning is so pumped up you see various meats hanging up and icicles forming on people’s noses, and you, of course, hit up your local ice cream shops.  Yes, it’s pretty easy just to buy the little (or HUGE) containers of ice cream at the grocery store, but there’s something so much more satisfying about heading out to the shop, picking out your flavors, then getting your cone, cup, sundae, shake, or whatever frozen concoction you’re in the mood for.

Bliss ice cream logoOne ice cream shop in Cos Cob has an even sweeter deal for you, though.  Every Wednesday in June (and possibly all summer if it’s well received), Bliss Ice Cream will donate 30% of its profits to two local organizations helping animals.  They have done this before with singular events, but this is quite the effort with a whole month of fundraising.  The two organizations they are helping are PAWS (rescuing homeless dogs and cats and finding them loving homes) and Adopt a Dog, both important organizations that can really use the money to help protect dogs and cats in the community.

When you’re at Bliss, you might need to take a minute or two to decide what to order because they have plenty of options.  First off, get your furry friend a treat to cool down with.  Then, when your beast buddy has stopped licking the hell out of the specially crafted frozen bone shaped treats, you can go ahead and order.  They’ll have five different ice cream flavors on a rotating basis (keeps them fresh and gives you the best quality), with around 15 other flavors available for take-away when you want to gorge on ice cream while you watch really sad and sappy romance chick flicks.  If you want something a little lighter, they also have gelato, sorbet, and froyo available for noming.

So, bring your pup along for a treat.  Think how sad your dog must be as he has to sit, tortured, watching you eat ice cream while he gets nothing.  Seriously, how cruel!

Bliss Ice Cream

Address:  551 East Putnam Avenue

                   Cos Cob, CT

Phone:    (203) 990-0360

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