One sip, one bite and you’re a Lorca-vore for life! Lorca, Stamford

4 Jun

Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and cruddy deli, diner, or gas station coffee. Those have really been the only options for you if you wanted a pick me up in Stamford. Well, that was until Leyla Dam opened up Lorca on the lively Bedford Street. Her view on coffee and cafes? Only serve the best quality beans, only make coffee with the best methods that highlight the flavors, support local bakers like Wave Hill Breads, and make food from scratch. Looks like a great view to us!

As we entered, we loved how cute and quaint Lorca was. There are a few tables to sit at, a beautiful exposed brick wall, and a coffee counter with a bright churros sign pulling you in. Churros you say?  Oh, yes the churros. You might say she’s just a bit of an expert. See, she actually spent time in Spain learning the art of  churro making. So, needless to say, we were drooling for months waiting to finally try ’em.

We walked up to the counter, then thought about what kind of coffee to order: drip or pour over coffee.   Dan decided to go with the Rwanda pour over with a nice light caramel taste. The pour over is not only fun to watch, but also takes away the acidy taste that plagues automatic coffee makers. Plus, you’re always guaranteed a freshly brewed cup.  Kristien got a nice cappuccino with a fancy flower poured from the frothy cream on top.  Excellent capp.

Although there were lots of pastries and mini cupcakes available, we (of course) went with an order of churros and a freshly made quiche. Starting with the quiche, Leyla makes these fresh each day and changes them up quite often. When we went, Kristien got to taste a goat cheese, peas, spring onion, and bacon quiche. Goat cheese and bacon – two of Kristien’s favorite things! There were lots of veggie chunks and a good amount of cheese. Mmm.

Now, onto Dan’s most satisfying breakfast in a long time: fried dough with dipping sauces. Normally you ask for one sauce, but you know we needed to try all three. Leyla was more than happy to oblige…even before we introduced ourselves to her. First off, let’s talk about the churros. They were served thinner and longer than you are probably used to, making them crispy on the outside yet moist on the inside. We dipped them in a 60% dark chocolate sauce which was strong like good chocolate should be and a dulce de leche which was perfectly sweet and carmel-ey…our favorite. And, the final dipping sauce was Mexican chocolate which had cinnamon and chili. It tasted great, but we were hoping for more of a kick.

Final Thoughts

Without any doubt, Lorca has filled a giant void in Downtown Stamford for coffee fiends, though they have tea and other drinks, too. Service is always friendly, the drinks are made right on the spot, and the food is fresh. Plus the churros are seriously the best we’ve ever had. If you stop by for lunch, Leyla also has salads and sandwiches made by nearby Station Eats. And, speaking of stopping by not just for breakfast, you can stop by for extended hours over the summer into night time. We really love the vibe, the food, and the coffee here, and we’d love for Lorca to become a staple of Stamford.

Lorca, we heart u.

Noms: TBD after another meal, but we love it here…’nuff said
Cost: $$
Address: 125 Bedford Street

Stamford, CT

Phone:  203.504.2847
Hours:  Monday-Thursday, 7 am – 7 pm

Friday:  7 am – 9 pm

Saturday:  8 am – 9 pm

Sunday:  8 am – 3 pm

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