Stamford, Take Off Your Clothes @ Half Full Brewery then drink up!

5 Jun
Get your minds out of the gutter.  Yeah, we know…it’s a great place to be and to hang out, we get it, but we don’t necessarily mean that you should head to Half Full Brewery on 6/8 from 1-4 (brewery is open until 5 though), take off your clothes, then hug Conor, Jordan, or Jen.  Besides, if you’re nekked, where you gonna keep your cash for some brews?  What we’re talking about is the second annual Stamford, Take Off Your Clothes event.  The purpose is to bring in clothes to donate to those in need.
You know that shirt you bought that you never got around to wearing?  Donate it.
You know that skirt that you got that actually clashes with your skin tone?  Donate it.
You know that old ratty t-shirt that your ex-bf gave you and that you’ve been clinging to in desperate hope of getting back together?  Well, don’t donate that, but find something nice to donate instead.  But seriously, get yourself together girl…

We think you get the clue, but if you don’t, here’s the official list of things to bring in:
  • Clean, gently-used, seasonally-appropriate clothing and outerwear for men, women, teenagers, children and infants
  • Accessories such as footwear, scarves, gloves, hats, ties, handbags, briefcases, backpacks and belts
  • Socks and pajamas for children
  • The Young Professionals Network will also be collecting business wear (Suits and Jackets)

Conor Horrigan at Half Full BreweryThere will be a big clothing bin set up in back parking lot of Half Full where you can donate your clothes.  Now, you really could just drop off the clothes, then go about your other Saturday business, but do you really think that’d be okay?  Look, you’re inches away from Half Full Brewery.  You’re inches away from some great brews that will nourish the spirit and calm the mind.  And, the great people at Half Full (we love them, it’s true) will have either a $5 tasting or a $15 tasting, depending on your beer needs.  We say take the $15 option…always take the $15 option when given.  Who knows what surprises they’ll have in store with that tasting?  Then, let’s say you get a lil’ bit hungry.  You’d also be really dumb to leave before 2 because at that magic moment, Maddy’s Food Truck will be pulling up and pumping out some Haitian and other Caribbean specialties!

This great event was put together by Person-to-Person, Half Full Brewery, and the Young Professionals Network of Fairfield County working together.  Rock on people and keep fighting the good fight.

Now get nekked.

Half Full Brewery

43 Homestead Avenue, 

Stamford, CT



2 Responses to “Stamford, Take Off Your Clothes @ Half Full Brewery then drink up!”

  1. Sara Nolan June 5, 2013 at 10:16 am #

    Thanks so much for the post! We love this article and can’t wait for Saturday.



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    […] of brews and everything they’ve done in the past year, you’d be pretty amazed.  Fundraisers, a Halloween party, bar crawls, rare beer nights, open house nights, and hundreds of tours make up […]


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