Take a Tapas Tour @ Artwalk 2013 in Stamford Downtown

12 Jun
Stamford ArtWalk Map 2013

Stamford ArtWalk Map 2013…click through for a zoomed in view

There’s always something great going on in Downtown Stamford, ya know?  Whether it’s restaurant weeks, charity events, their yearly outdoor sculpture exhibitions (this year it’s “Downtown Abstractions”), Santa gliding down a building, or Alive @ Five, Downtown Stamford is the place to be.  And, now we have another reason to love Stamford:  the first ever ARTWALK that’s starting Friday (6/14) and goes into Saturday, 6/15.  ARTWALK 2013 will feature 95 artists from the Northeast who are presenting their art in various styles and mediums.  This weekend event is free to the public and if you’d like a copy of this map, just register at the ARTWALK booth on Spring Street.  Time it perfectly by going to the opening celebration on 6/14 @ 5 pm, have some refreshments, and join many of the artists, gallery owners, local business owners, and restaurateurs…then pick up the map!

Most of that art that’s on display will remain up for viewing at restaurants and businesses until July 7, so even if you can’t make this event, you’ll have another chance for viewing.  Plus, if you really love something, you can purchase it!  In addition, there are special events (full list here) and exhibits up for you to check out:

  • Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery, 96 Bedford Street- “Be(come) a Collector
  • Franklin Street Works, 41 Franklin Street – “Strange Invitation” and “Excess” 
  • Old Town Hall Museum, 175 Atlantic Street – “SmART: an iPhone & iPad Art Exhibition
  • R. Hollander MasterGoldsmith, 154 Bedford Street -“Subduction-works of Hollander & Davis
  • Stamford Art Association Gallery, 39 Franklin Street- “Art and Soul of Stamford
  • UConn Stamford Art Gallery, 1 University Plaza – “Different Strokes

So, let’s throw our forks into the art ring and make ARTWALK 2013 even more interactive for you, our food loving friends.  Note, this is just our idea, it’s not sponsored by Stamford Downtown or any of the organizers. :P

Take a Tapas ARTWALK 2013!

Yes, we’ve looked at all the restaurant locations and we’ve put together a list (the numbers coincide with the map) of one thing to try when you’re viewing the art at restaurants.  We’re only mentioning the places where it’s easy to just get something quick and easy or at the bar.  Then, when you’re done, continue down the ARTWALK route and eventually make your next tapas stop.  One exhibit that you won’t want to miss, btw, is at Artistic Expressions, where Sundance Cafe used to be.  There you’ll find our friend Holly Danger‘s awesome, multimedia experience.

So, let’s do this:

2) Volta:  get a single scoop of any of their handmade gelato to kick off your tour.  Your choice, but we love the Caramel Sea Salt, Dulce de Leche, and Oreo.

4) Capriccio Cafe:  sit down for a quick bite of their great antipasto platter and relax outside a bit.  Hey, it’s your second tapas stop…you deserve a break.

5) La Dolce Vita:  live the sweet life and get some palate cleansers.  You can’t really go wrong here and it’s really very much up to you to try whatever you’d like.  Their chocolates are rich and luxurious.

9) Lorca:  you can’t go wrong with a nice batch of churros paired with coffee.  Take them on the go if you’d like, too!

15) Station Eats:  get an order of their fries with Station chili on top.  Make sure to just chill in their beautiful Landmark Biergarten, too.  Thank us later.

25) Fin II:  slide on over to the sushi bar and let the chefs take care of you.  Just tell them what kind of fish and ingredients you like and whether you want it in roll or wrap form, then they’ll put together sushi like you’ve never had before.

26) Chocopologie:  pick any of the truffles that are made fresh for your devouring needs.  But, don’t go with the basics, try their exotic flavors that you can’t find anywhere else.

29) Southport Brewing Company:  you’ve been walking a while, so you deserve to rest a spell at the bar.  When you’re there, ask for the Help Line (helping people with muscular dystrophy), then order your SBC beer on tap.

34) EOS:  make the last dish of the night count!  Bring it all together by ordering the baklava sundae.  You get creamy vanilla ice cream, bits of baklava, all topped with whipped cream and chocolate syrup.  What a sweet way to end the night!

For more info, visit www.stamford-downtown.com or call (203) 348-5285.

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