Could Fairfield Cheese Company be the big cheese this year?

18 Jun

Mooove yo'self fast to the FCC party!

Hmm…what’s that smell?

Oh, it’s just the 4th Annual Cheesemonger Invitational being held in Long Island City this year.  Yeah, that’s where that holy aroma of cheese is coming from.  On June 29, 56 cheesemongers from across the country will do battle to see who’s the big cheese…literally.  And, in the trenches that day you will find Chris Palumbo and Laura Downey, co-owners of Fairfield Cheese Company.  “We have worked hard during the past four years to put Fairfield Cheese Company on the map, and the invitation to compete helps to solidify us as a preeminent shop in the area and the country,” said Chris in a recent press release.  Attendees will not only be able to witness the epic cheese battles, but they’ll be able to graze (or pit out) on a smörgåsbord of cheese prepared by last year’s winners.

So, how exactly do 56 cheesemongers battle?  Well, everything is broken down into four separate rounds:

1) Tasting

2) Cutting and wrapping

3) Plating

4) Pairing cheese

At the end of the four rounds of Monger vs. Monger, a winner will be crowned.  We send Chris, Laura, and Fairfield Cheese Company all our best thoughts!  May the best cheeseheads who own a shop named Fairfield Cheese Company in Fairfield, CT win!

And, if you want a taste of what makes them so great, make sure to stop in and see them in Fairfield.  They are right next to Harry’s, so we suggest you make a day of both shops.  Pick up some nice cheeses, some Skillet Bacon Jam, goat cheese ice cream, and some crazy good truffle salami, then head over to Harry’s and pick up some great wine and brews.

Fairfield Cheese Company

Address:  2090 Post Rd.

Fairfield, CT 06824

Phone:  (203) 292-8194

Hours:  Monday-Thursday, 10 am – 7 pm

Friday-Saturday, 10 am – 8 pm

Sunday:  closed


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