Brewing Awesome Coffee @ Home with Path Coffee Roasters in Port Chester

20 Jun
Path Coffee Roasters Brewing Awesome Coffee Educational Series
The beauty of a single cup of coffee, for us, is beyond compare.  There’s really nothing like a morning with that perfectly bold and robust cup of java.  And, there’s also nothing like a morning when you’re in serious withdrawl.  Maybe you need that caffeine and coffee so bad that you transfuse it through an IV right into your blood system.  Yeah, we can sympathize.
And, as rabid bean lovers, we’re always in search of a good cup of coffee and we’re always looking for ways to make our coffee better.
This is where Path Coffee Roasters in Port Chester steps in.  They are a division of The Empire Coffee Company and have an artisan approach to coffee.  Many coffee companies will gather beans from many different areas, then put them together in a blend, oftentimes sacrificing quality.  Path believes in the power of single origin beans, so when they say you
are having Columbian Finca Potosi or an Ethiopian Sidamo, it’s actually from Columbia or Ethiopia and not a mish-mosh of areas.  It’s with this respect for the bean and the growers of coffee that Johnny Steverson (Director of Speciality Coffee) and Jason Richter (Director of Marketing and Online Sales) come together to make Path.
Here'ssssssss Johnny!  He'll be your teacher, taking you through how to make an awesome cup of joe!

Here’ssssssss Johnny! He’ll be your teacher, taking you through how to make an awesome cup of joe!

Because they want you to have that perfect cup of awesome coffee, they are hosting a brewing class on Thursday, June 27 from 7-9 pm.  The cost per person is $45 with a limit of 8 people, so you’re guaranteed some nice one-on-one attention.  You’ll learn a bit about the history of coffee, the differences in brewing methods, and the variables that make coffee taste different.  But, look, you’re not just getting the history and the how-tos of brewing that perfect cup.  You’ll also receive some educational materials to look back on, your very own V60 #2 brewer, filters, and even their own coffee.  If you’re interested, please e-mail Johnny Steverson at

And, even if you can’t make this event, check out future events and classes by checking out the classes section of their site.  When you’re there, you’ll also be able to buy a 12 oz. retail bag of coffee or a whopping 5 lb. craft whole bean bag!  Yeah, we’d love that bag.  Think of all that caffeine!  In our house, that’d last just two weeks.
Path Coffee Roasters
106 Purdy Avenue
Port Chester, NY 10573
(914) 305-3595

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