You’ll Long for Longford’s Sweet Shop + Creamery – Reopened in Old Greenwich

28 Jun
Caramel Swirl Cone at Longford's Ice Cream (from press release)

Caramel Swirl Cone at Longford’s Ice Cream (both pics from a press release)

Summer with no ice cream is like peanut butter with no jelly, like Milli without Vanilli, like black without white, like dogs without bones, like fish without water, even like Om without Nom.  Yeah, look…it just doesn’t work.  All summer long is ice cream weather, and in our case it’s really just a year round activity…we’re not seasonally biased at all.  But, at the newly reopened and retooled Longford’s Own-Made Ice Cream in Old Greenwich, you just might need to stop by all year round, too.  We’re talking about ice cream, sorbet, gelato, LoYo, and their brand new addition:  a sweet shop.

Candy bins at Longford's in Old GreenwichUm, yeah…a sweet shop.  You’ll be able to purchase classics like caramels, taffy, kisses, gummy worms, fireballs, and other awesome treats to awaken your sweet tooth.  And, of course, there’s their ultra popular ice cream, made in small batches just miles away in Port Chester.  By producing small batches, owners Nolan and Patricia West (they have taken over the Old Greenwich location) keep their ice cream very fresh so it’s not waiting around in freezers, gathering up ice crystals.  And, in those small batches, they are using good quality ingredients like pure vanilla, cocoa, purees, nuts, fresh fruit, and (surprisingly) even champagne in their sorbet.  They make about 60 flavors, so you’ll always have a great variety to pick from when you stop by.  And, if you desire some LoYo, they’ve got that for you too.  It’s self serve and sold by weight, so load up and have at least 2 pounds.  Hey, who’s judging?  It’s low calorie frozen yogurt.

If you live in Old Greenwich or if you like to visit, coming to Longford’s just seems like an easy choice.  Here’s the ideal plan:  head over to Longford’s, get your goodies, then walk around nearby Binney Park.

Have a great weekend everybody.

Yours in noming,

Dan and Kristien

Longford’s Own-Made Ice Cream

Address:  Old Greenwich, CT

146 Sound Beach Avenue

Phone:  (203) 637-0480


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