Steam Coffee Bar at Green Farms Station in Westport to Feature Local Coffee and Food

24 Jul

Weary, tired, and half-asleep commuters of Westport, you need not force yourself to drink bad coffee or eat gas station food anymore on your way to work.  That’s because Chris Barrett and Briana Pennell are opening up a brand new coffee shop at the Green Farms Railroad Station on the NY bound side.  But, to call Steam Coffee Bar just a coffee shop isn’t enough for what they’ve got planned for you:

  • Coffee and espresso exclusively from the awesome Donny Raus of Raus Coffee.
    • Drip coffee, espresso, cappuccino, lattes, hot cocoa, iced coffee, Cold Roman, Roman Kiss, and Roman Navel to name a few
  • Arogya Teas, from CT and organic
  • The Farmer’s Cow milk and cream
  • The Stand, providing healthy and flavorful fresh-squeezed juices
  • Nothin’ but Granola, premium snack bars
  • Celi-Cela Patisserie
  • Red Bee Honey
  • The Brownie Factory:  brownies, tarts, and more
  • 8 to the Bar
  • Thinscotti
  • Mozzarella and tomato, grilled veggie, and turkey sandwiches, chickpea and grilled chicken salad, various yogurts and more
  • Croissants (yes, they’ll have chocolate too), muffins, apple turnovers, bagels, truffles, and more.

Look, we don’t even take the train or take it from Westport, but we just might start commuting.  Look at that line-up!  They’ve got something great whoever you are…even with plenty of gluten-free options.  Well, you ask us (this is when you ask us, GO!):  when will Steam Coffee Bar be open?  The official ribbon cutting ceremony is today and the official grand opening is Monday, July 29!  Then, you can stop by and get some coffee, tea, snacks, breakfast, or even lunch from 5 am until noon, Monday through Friday.  And, both Chris and Briana are in the process of opening up a second Steam Coffee Bar this fall at the New Haven bound side of the Saugatuck station, too.

And, who are the people behind this great undertaking?  First up is Briana Pennell, a CIA grad who has not only worked as

head pastry chef at Rebecca’s in Greenwich, but has also worked at Fiamma Osteria in NYC.  And then there’s Chris Barrett who earned a degree from the University of Connecticut School of Business.  While he was earning his degree, Chris began working at restaurants.  Eventually Chris would move to New Orleans to work at Commanders Palace which won a James Beard award for service during his tenure.  And, there’s an unofficial official member of Steam Coffee Bar:  Donny Raus.  If you’ve been to any local farmers’ markets, then you’ve met Donny.  He’s not only providing his coffee, but also his expertise and knowledge to both Briana and Chris.

Here’s to much success, one drink, one snack, one meal at a time.

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4 Responses to “Steam Coffee Bar at Green Farms Station in Westport to Feature Local Coffee and Food”

  1. Maria @ Pappa Don't Preach July 24, 2013 at 4:16 pm #

    Oh wow…this is exactly what we need around here! I’m so psyched to visit!



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