Brew-view: Roadsmary’s Baby – Two Roads Brewery – Stratford, CT

29 Aug

Our search for the brand new release of Roadsmary’s Baby started this past Friday when this Two Roads brew was first released.  See, we had just moved into an apartment building that people had warned us about.  Apparently a beer writer used to live there that went crazy and began worshipping the devil.  We had heard of other strange things, but we decided that these things only added more character to the building.  Plus, we’d have lots of crazy stories to tell people when they came over to visit.  People were strange and suspicious that we met there, but life was good still. Well, that’s until Kristien was drugged then was taken advantage by a demonic force. Dan seemed to care, but after the birth he stole the baby away to share with his fellow devil worshippers. This child would be the future ruler of the world, fathered by Satan himself.  Or, something like that. And, that’s about when Two Roads heard about our story and decided to create a beer in honor of our tragically demonic story.  Or, something like that.

Beer: Roadsmary’s Baby

Brewery:  Two Roads Brewing Company in Stratford, CT

Style:  Pumpkin Ale

Color and appearance:  Golden/dark rum color, foamy head that settles down nicely.

Smell:  Most noticeable is the oakiness and the rum scents with some small amounts of spice (cinnamon and nutmeg).  After some agitation, a liquory smell wafts through the air.  

Taste:   On first sip, you get a lot of oakiness from the rum barrels that the beer is fermented in. Along with the oakiness, you get a nice bite of the rummy flavor. But, after that, the pumpkin, spices, and vanilla extract come in, though much more mildly. The flavors are tough to pick out, but definitely come more alive when you let the beer air out a bit.  At the finish, there’s a nice bitterness and just a touch of hops to finish things off.

IBUs: ?

ABV: 6.8%

Background:  Roadsmary’s Baby is playfully named after the classic movie, Rosemary’s Baby.  If you couldn’t tell, we were playing off of the movie in our intro to this brew-view, too.  This pumpkin ale was aged in rum barrels with spices and some vanilla extract was added to round out the edges.  This is Two Roads’ first pumpkin ale because, remember, they only opened last December.  Craziness…now look at them.

Pairing:  This would be great with some cheeses such as goat cheese, some desserts like ice cream, pumpkin pie, or apple pie, and some savory dishes that you’d see around fall time like turkey, grilled/baked chicken, roasted veggies, and even BBQ.  Again, there are no set rules here, eat whatever you want.  If you want to eat this with lobster or cheetos, go ahead.  That’s weird, but go ahead.

Thoughts:  Many breweries have their own unique spins on pumpkin beer, while some just repeat the same formula and pump out ho-hum brews. Two Roads definitely has produced a unique, non-traditional beer in the form of Roadsmary’s Baby. First off, we dig the name. Secondly, we think this will be a popular beer for those who don’t love overwhelming pumpkin flavor. They are easy drinking brews and each sip definitely warms us up in an autumnal kinda way. We do wish the spices came through more, but we do like this beer overall.

Found at: Bev Max in Stamford, CT.  Dan snagged the last one there, but they’ll be restocking the shelves soon.  He had also contacted Fairway Wines and they got them on Friday but sold out very soon after that.  Their next shipment comes in about two weeks.  When push comes to shove, call up your local liquor store that carries Two Roads and see if they have it.  You can always head to Two Roads in Stratford and get a taste or a glass of the good stuff, but they’ve stopped filling growlers because it is so popular and in such high demand.  Two Roads says Roadsmary’s Baby will be on shelves until late October.

Get it while the getting’s good!

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